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wanderingpixel avatar 4:12 PM on 08.07.2010  (server time)
Free Booze And Beautiful Women (Or Men, If You Would Prefer)

Do you like booze? Do you like beautiful women (or men)? Then you've come to the wrong place. This post has neither booze nor beautiful women (or men). But wait, don't leave! Maybe there's still hope. Just listen to what I have to say first and afterwards I might throw you a bone. You still here? Good. Let's get to the important stuff first.

As of yeaterday I am now a columnist for the hot new new video game blog site known as It's what all the cool kids are doing! Damnlag is sort of like Destructoid, only younger, not that Destructoid is old. Mr. Destructoid dioesn't look a year over twenty six. Anyway, you should come on over to Damnlag sometime, why? Because I have a column! It's called Broken Pixels, I will be updating it every Wednesday with various rants, ravings, and musings for your reading pleasure. My first column is called Five of Gaming's Biggest Dicks and I implore you all to check it out.

I'm not the only guy on Damnlag dot com. You can check out other collumnists like Steve Bogda's The Nintendo Dude, Josh Michaelson's Gotta Rant 'Em All!, Jaleel Boone's Combo Breaker, Zack Rovinsky's Scilence Please, Paul Cross' Diva Down, Sebastian Wolff's The Weekly Game Concert, or you can check out The NPC's, where we voice our opinions on current issues facing the industry. So, as you can see there is a lot to do. That's not even mentioning all the news, reviews, and our upcoming Podcast called Gamepocalypse Now. As previously stated, Damnlag is a brand new website, and if we want it to continue to grow, we need to more traffic. By visiting the site you are not only getting great content, but you're also supporting independent video game blogs like Destructoid and Giant Bomb. So show your support and vote with a click of the mouse. Or would you rather just read IGN for the rest of your life?

I thought so.

Thanks for reading, I hope I'll see you all around Damnlag eventually. Spread the word to your friends, and thank you for indulging me in my shameless self promotion, and don't worry, I'll still be writing for Destructoid. I mean, this place is like the dysfunctional incestuous family I never had or wanted to. So don't stop reading my blog, just make sure you also check out my new column when your done.

Oh, I almost forgot...

Happy now?

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