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Give me sports games, or give me death.

I'm a 25-year-old [freelance] journalist from Cincinnati, Ohio, who happens to be obsessed with sports games. Hockey, soccer, baseball (pro or college), football, it doesn't matter. I tend to prefer playing college sports titles (NCAA Football and College Hoops 2k series), and was greatly disappointed when EA decided not to release MVP: College Baseball 2008. Poor form, EA Sports, poor form.

I've been busy playing MLB2k8 (What other option do I have?!), NHL 2008, and FIFA 2008, recently. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of NCAA Football 2008.

I will update this in the coming days, boys and girls.
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Alas, my greatest gaming fears have been realized, Destructoid World! Three shiny red lights have struck down my XBOX, my last bastion of solitude, my safe-haven from inter-personal relations and natural (sun) light. Whatever am I to do?!

While sitting down, enjoying a not-so-quiet game of NCAA Football 09 over XBL, I noticed my system begin to freeze. I assumed this to mean my system was overheating so I turned it off, X'ing out of my XBL match, and giving my electronic baby the rest it had been acting out to receive.

However, two days later, when I next picked up my cordless controller, I noticed the problem persisted. I wasn't sure if it was the game -- perhaps Microsoft doesn't like sports games, I thought to myself! -- or the system, so I attempted to clean the disk, using old-school Nintendo blow-on-it techniques for both the disc and the system, and it worked ...for the next two hours. Throwing caution into the wind, I decided to continue to play for an extended period of time despite knowing that my baby had been asking, begging for a break.

Anyhow, after having my way with her for the entire evening last night, I attempted to give her a go early this morning. After a few more trips attempts to "fix" the glitches in my archaic manner it finally hit me, the Red Light, all three of them (second, third and fourth quadrants). I was aghast, but not entirely unsurprised. Perhaps I was attempting to fight through the realization that my baby had been sick for quite some time, or maybe I was just too vapid to realize the ominous message I was being messaged repeatedly. Either way, my XBOX was no more -- or so I thought.

After frantically searching the Internet for tips on what to do next, turning to the e-self-help gurus to help me through my time of need, I attempted to turn on the system one last time, giving it, us one last chance to work. It did work, to my surprise! It turned on, booted up and eve loaded the game, with no flashing red terrors causing me emotional distress in the process.

My question to you, Desctructoid, is should I chance it and continue to (haphazardly) [mis]use my XBOX, or should I act preemptively and send my system in for technical support?

Help meeeeee!

(I apologize for a lame first blog. I should be allowed to type after consuming wine :/)