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6:11 PM on 03.18.2008

Playing crackdown, Idea strikes

I am a super enhanced super clone super cop and I am destroying all those pesky ruskies when a rouge grenade blows me up. The first thing through my head is "crap" and i decide to check if there are any new stories on the main page to read, this leads to a tedium of stumbles and the neglect of my game. As i glance over at the screen i think to myself "I'm dead, and my corpse is just sitting there filled with genetic code that makes me so super. why are they not reaping the benefits of this golden opportunity"

light bulbs.

heres the idea, if i decide to not regenerate right away i would love to see the evil doers dragging my body and throwing it into a car trunk. you could hear the conversation between the thugs as they try to decide what to do with me. sell it for money, dump it in the ocean, hang me from a building as a sign or even burn me at the stake. they could call the boss while driving around trying to decide. it would be like a short and unpredictable movie about my demise and naturally we can't just have the bad guys win, so the peace keepers will try to hunt them down and they will try to lose them or battle it out to the death, or even surrender. you could also chase down your old bodies and retrieve them so they never get into the wrong hands.

i think that would be a neat dynamic to throw into a game, hopefully the next crackdown... i want consequences far worse then having to restart at a designated location (which could be under attack now and again so the gangs can retake them.) maybe if they do get a body you will have to fight a cyborg you at some point... the ideas just keep rolling out of my head. I want gang wars for turf, i want to play as a gang member sometime just for the hell of it. add squad tactics to the game... because peace keepers are useless.

anyway thats just my thought for the day.   read

1:54 PM on 02.05.2008

Mind bending psp game


Rotate the camera to the right perspective, that is all.

Its games like this that will help the games as art and education without being ridiculously lame.

just neat. that is all   read

7:09 PM on 01.22.2008

Tucking in my xbox

My 360 is broken.

i called xbox and they told me it was the cables...

this is not the problem,

a quick search on google informs me my soldering is all fucked...

The fix is even stranger then my nes (place cartage just a little out of the system, hold reset press power and press down on the cart) I was simply told to wrap the thing in a towel. this worked... for a while.

I have been tucking my 360 in every time I play... I am calling xbox tomorrow so they will fix this problem for me.

there destructoid I give you one shitty entry...

stop telling me I suck   read

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