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I have no chance of winning, nor did I think anyone TRULY cared about other people's setups, however I have been mesmerized into hopping on the bandwagon because I find myself looking at other people's rigs anytime they post something.


AMD X2 3200+
2 Gigs of ram
Seagate 320 Gig HD
DVD Reader/Writer
GeForce 8800GT 512MB
22" Viewsonic Monitor

You'll also find a couple of random shots from the rest of my setup - a row of games currently installed on my system as well as some of my CDs. Take notes if you want to get blessed with the gift of hot music. This is not the cream of my crop, just a random snap.

Booya, bitches.

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Seriously, we're just giving this ballsack (and everyone else) more ammunition for their cause. I understand we want to defend our pasttime and culture, and I admire our urges to leap at the opportunity to do so.

However we're half of the problem. We're just fueling the fire by blogging in a blind rage every time he opens his mouth. We all know he's an idiot, and most people (including non-gamer types I know) see this shit and think he's a raving lunatic and don't pay any attention to what he says. Only the most plebian of retards actually believe videogames are part of the reason these tragedies happen. Hell, my parents are 60 and have never played a videogame in their lives and even they think this argument is complete crap every time they hear it.

Maybe we should start treating his word for what it is (shit) and finally wipe it from our collective asses and flush it down the toilet.

It's no secret I love hip hop. I have contemplated blogging about my disdain for the way it has been handled in games thus far - crappy compilations of the flavours du jour slapped into games with an 'urban' theme. Now that unborn blog seems somewhat moot, as it was announced today that Chuck D and Just Blaze will be providing audio treats for the upcoming release NBA Ballers: The Chosen One.

Public Enemy was the first concert I ever attended waaaay back in 1990. Chuck D is a personal hero of mine, and is a bonafide sports (and comics!) enthusiast. Just Blaze has produced some extremely hot beats and has been a ray of light in the uber-material years of hip hop culture, and will be providing a new and dynamic soundtrack written specifically for the game.

Can I get a yes yes y'all? honour of this monumental event I will include a sketch of Big Daddy Kane I drew a few weeks ago with my new tablet. BOOYA!
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7:54 PM on 12.25.2007 Contra 4 co-op!

This was my first multiplayer experience on the DS. While I love the system it's pretty much been relegated to shitter detail where multiplayer opportunities do not exist. Except in the bus station bathroom, but that's a discussion best left for my therapist and not you guys on Christmas day.

The Contra series has always been near and dear to my heart. The NES was the 3rd system I regularly played games on (not counting arcade games) so I like to think my judgement has not been totally clouded by blind nostalgia.

The multiplayer mode is everything that was great about the original Contra, and then some. The DS also kicks ass for multiplayer, which is something I only recently got into with TF2, followed by Counterstrike. I feel like a fool for waiting so long.

Play it, if any of you consider yourself truly hardcore. That's right - I just called you bitches out. I'm so hardcore I'll be playing this game while watching Rambo 4 as I not only beat the game, but identify every plot hole and weapon used in the flick at the same time.


While the rest of you celebrate the birth of some dude that happened 2000 years ago I'm celebrating MY birthday and present-opening day. As my gift to you I provide the following vid.

My personal christmas tradition is making sure everyone hears this song. Word!

It's snowing. A lot. I enjoy looking at it fall but it's going to be a miserable drive to work tomorrow morning. So what does a brother do on a Sunday afternoon when all snowed in?

It's no secret I'm a fan of the hip hops. I've been listening to it since the 80s, which is about the same time a lot of you were born. I have been playing games just a wee bit longer than I've been listening to music. So again, what do I do on a snow day with nowhere to go?

I bang the new Ghostface album. I listen to some classics from back in the day like Kane, Rakim and De La. I swap between rounds of Counterstrike: Source, Team Fortress 2 and the raptors b-ball game. I run through the goddamn Ocean King temple in Phantom Hourglass for the 8th time.

Yes playas, life could be a hell of a lot worse. Any other heads on Dtoid or are y'all about the emo rock?