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Not my Turning Point Gaming Rig

I have no chance of winning, nor did I think anyone TRULY cared about other people's setups, however I have been mesmerized into hopping on the bandwagon because I find myself looking at other people's rigs anytime they post ...


Contra 4 Co-op!

Everyone...play Contra 4 co-op! This was my first multiplayer experience on the DS. While I love the system it's pretty much been relegated to shitter detail where multiplayer opportunities do not exist. Except in the bus s...


Merry Christmas with Run DMC!

While the rest of you celebrate the birth of some dude that happened 2000 years ago I'm celebrating MY birthday and present-opening day. As my gift to you I provide the following vid. My personal christmas tradition is making sure everyone hears this song. Word!


Snowed in with vids and hip hop

It's snowing. A lot. I enjoy looking at it fall but it's going to be a miserable drive to work tomorrow morning. So what does a brother do on a Sunday afternoon when all snowed in? It's no secret I'm a fan of the hip hops. I...


Team Fortress 2 just gave me a BJ.

I have never been an online gamer. Ever. I've played online games, sure, but my forays can best be compared with drunken co-ed 'experimentation' on spring break. While initially intriguing, it was hollow, empty, and simply 'n...


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