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Virtualgirl's blog

8:27 AM on 04.30.2008

Not Everyone Loves GTA - Interview with the Parents Television Council

See guys! I am trying to stop back in more, even if it is to share some of my stuff from over at GI. I posted this yesterday and thought you guys might be interested. If I am going to get a wide array of comical opinions on t...   read

8:49 AM on 04.23.2008

New Cosplay: Mamimi from FLCL and Super Mario Sisters!

Hey Guys! I wanted to stop in and say hi again! I plan on doing another quick post with some of my writing updates, and some info about my trip to Midway Gamerís Day. Work keeps me pretty busy and I am trying to fit more gami...   read

8:14 PM on 03.27.2008

Updates and New Articles!

Hey Guys! It has been a while but I figured I would stop in for an update! Things are going good over at Game Informer, but getting used to working a 9-5 (actually a 10-7) takes some time! I am flying out to San Diego next w...   read

8:33 PM on 03.07.2008

My first week at Game Informer!

I just thought I would share how my first official week in the working world went! Without any hesitation I can say that I love my new job already. This week was amazing. Stupid things like having a desk make me giggle. The f...   read

6:47 PM on 02.27.2008

I HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!!

I know I have not been around a ton lately due to the launch of GEN, but I the NARParty reminded me how much I love and miss the insanity that is Destructoid. It was awesome to see everyone and I am going to try my best to ke...   read

1:48 AM on 02.05.2008

Any Adam Hughes Fans? New Catwoman Cosplay!!

HEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Sorry, I am annoyingly giddy right now. I did a Catwoman shoot this weekend and just got the final image back! I LOVE artwork by Adam Hughes, and wanted to recreate the awesome cover he did of Ca...   read

11:06 AM on 02.01.2008

Weekly Cosplay Post: Featuring a Interview with the Uber Hot Cosplayer You Guys Always Drool Over...

Hey guys! Its that time of week again! I just put up my new cosplay post over on Japanator. This week features cosplay from Final Fantasy X/X-2! This week also features an interview with the Phenomenal cosplayer Yaya Ha...   read

8:51 PM on 01.21.2008

Beyond the Hype - An In-Depth Look at the Video Game Industry

Once again, flame me if you like for posting an outside link, but that will not stop me from sharing my stuff with you! Many of you guys, especially from the forums, helped me get ideas and work through details of this proj...   read

4:11 PM on 01.18.2008

Weekly Cosplay Post: Mario and Friends Edition!

Hey guys! Its that time of week again! I just put up my new cosplay post over on Japanator. This week features cosplay from the Mario franchise, thanks to a reader request! Please head over and take a look, and let me kn...   read

1:07 AM on 01.15.2008

Where to Get the Best Geek Garb!

Alright, it is worth trying this at least once. If I get flamed big time, I might stop or I might just kick the person in the nuts if I ever meet them. YES, I am posting a blog with an outside link. The truth is that I caní...   read

8:05 PM on 01.10.2008

I has a Website!!!

And NO...It is not one of those with a membership fee...Get your mind out of the gutter... I just wanted to share something quick with you all because I got a TON of help from you dtoiders when I first started working on ...   read

7:47 PM on 01.10.2008

Weekly Cosplay Post: Princess TuTu Edition

Hey guys! Its that time of week again! I just put up my new cosplay post over on Japanator . This week features cosplay from Princess TuTu. It is kinda a girly anime, but it has more skin for those of you who complained a...   read

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