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vexed alex avatar 4:22 AM on 09.15.2009  (server time)
Halo 3 ODST Vidoc: "Terra Incognita"

Bonus of staying up this late is that I got to catch the newly released ODST vidoc. Yay for being a loser!

Not much that you haven't seen before, but it does give an inside look as to how ODST evolved from a small 3 hour game to a 8 to 10 hour full experience. There's quite a bit of information on the struggle of building New Mombasa with such a small team and such a small time frame.

There isn't much else other than rehashed information about the ODSTs being weaker than the Chief. It does seem like they're bringing the game back to the Combat Evolved roots, which is interesting I guess. I'm excited.

As some of you may have noticed, I am a pretty big Halo dork, and I guess this is a good place to let you all know how excited I am about the game's music. Between the Halo haters and the stupid frat boys, no one ever really talks about it, but Marty O'Donnell is quite the composer. I'd even bravely say that Halo has the best music in the first person shooter genre, and possibly some of the best video game music period (Portal's Still Alive doesn't count -- that was end credit music, so fuck you!). Across the entire series it has been consistently amazing. Check it out for yourself!

There's also quite a bit of Rooster Teeth ODST related viral marketing going on if you aren't sick of that stuff. If you scroll all the way through the Red vs. Blue page you'll find it. They're labled "ODST. I'd also recommend you check their shorts. RT Shorts is in their videos tab -- quite good.

I think I've played Bungie PR enough. I accept Pay-Pal, Microsoft.

P.S. -- I call dibs on Sgt. Johnson, assholes.

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