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vexed alex avatar 3:33 AM on 09.17.2009  (server time)
Halo 3 ODST OST Samples: My Two Cents

Say what you will about the Halo seriesí gameplay and story. I can understand when people tell me that they donít like it, but I will not have someone speaking negatively of the gameís music. It has been some of the most spectacularly memorable stuff Iíve heard in a long while. Halo 3 ODST hasnít changed this.

With each sequel, Bungieís audio team has always given that well known theme a slight twist. Marty OíDonnell, however, has dropped the monks in favor of a more noir jazzy theme to fit the gameĎs slightly new direction. It sounds smoother and a bit eerie at times. Though Marty hasnít given up on those grandiose compositions there is a more personal feel to the score. Itís a nice mix of ďepicĒ and ominous loneliness.

Donít believe me? Check it out for yourself. Bungie released a few samples for your listening pleasure around 3 days ago. I thought you'd enjoy them. Just please donít make a mess of things once your ears orgasm.

ODST Theme
Traffic Jam
Neon Light

Rain and Neon Light are my personal favorite of the four. Theyíre the two that encapsulate ODSTís new that noir lonely theme that Bungieís Joseph Staten has been going on about. I do really enjoy the wailing guitars in Traffic Jam, though it does feel a bit montage "let's get pumped". Not that it's a bad thing. The subtle snare drums giving way to the aggressive violins and then transitioning to the savage electric guitar -- fantastic. Is that Steve Vai again, Marty?

So, what do you think? Dig the new music?

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