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Above are 4 audio samples to 4 completely different cars. To win this code for Outrun Online Arcade, you'll have to guess which sounds go with which car. First person to get them all wins, obviously.

How to answer:

Sample 1 = (Your answer here)
Sample 2 = (Your answer here)
Sample 3 = (Your answer here)
Sample 4 = (Your answer here)

You can google, or you can use your car knowledge to get the answers a lot quicker. Good luck!

A. Ferrari F355

B. Skyline R34

C. Cadillac 16

D. Viper GTS ACR

The winner will be announced on this exact blog, so make sure you check back. I'm going to need your e-mail address.

EDIT: Rule change. You only get to play/guess twice, so watch it.

And the winner is...

GOS-CPT-Stewart! Congratulations!

Send me an e-mail at Alexandorator [at] GMail. I'll reply to that e-mail with the code for the game.

Post-Protip: I got all my audio clips from one location. Project Gotham Racing 3's website.

I an easy Google search could have won this for anyone.

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