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verbosityonline avatar 4:35 AM on 06.27.2013  (server time)
Kickstarting Verbosity Online to meet the World

Verbosity Online is a casual game where people of all ages can play together and learn anything. The game will support a smorgasbord of content surrounded by an artistically animated experience for kinesthetic and visual learners collectively.

Verbosity Online is the end result of many years of research, development, refinement and testing. It uses an ancient form of teaching called catechism, from the verb catechize. Catechize is usually associated with learning religious doctrines but can be applied to any subject.

Verbosity Online is a new product with a simple but unique concept that needs help through the Kickstarter community. That concept from start to finish is to make rich, detailed and relevant content available to anyone seeking to learn anything while combining the endeavor with a healthy, competitive gaming environment accessible among friends and neighbors, international and domestic. All this as well as adding a graphic overhaul (itís been in the making for so long the visuals are outdated), Verbosity Online will be ready for prime time! More details at


Verbosity Online the game, is a combination Easter Egg Hunt and Mother May I games children play but with coins.† The player must locate and collect the 5 hidden coins and return them to the redemption area.

†††† Now the twist...

For each coin collected, that player is assigned a fact to remember.† In order for a player to gain ACCESS to the SPINNER and take his or her turn, the player must answer a permission query associated with the coin fact. Correctly answering the permission query earns the player an Energy ring. The more Energy rings a player has, the greater the choice of spaces to which a player can move in a single turn. Sometimes the player must recall a second fact from a previous game called a review query If the player answers the query correctly, the number of Energy rings the player will receive doubles.
From start to finish you make new friends around the world in an exciting engaging platform that connects us on every level.


Verbosity Online will support iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, PC, MacOS and Linux platforms.

Support for this game is priceless, and after its completion it will be well worth the wait! Verbosity Online not just a game but an Experience!

Support Verbosity Online on Kickstarter

Verbosity Rules!!!

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