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7:53 PM on 07.17.2008

5 Predictions for E3 2009

Flogging a dead horse is only fun for so long; we all know by now that this year's E3 was a snore. While the the event hasn't even officially wrapped; speculation is the modus operandi of the internet. Therefore, I present my predictions for what we will see 365 days hence.

1. Final Fantasy XIII dated for Japan, US/EU release schedule still unclear.

After reading interview with the Square developers it is certain that this game is still a ways out. Considering that everyone outside of the Land of the Rising Sun will have to wait for the 360 version to be completed I have a dreadful feeling that we will be lucky to see it before the end of the decade. Possibly Western versions of the game get nebulous dating such as Q1 2010, but nothing firm.

ODDS 5:1

2. New Kojima Game Unveiled

Who knows on this one for sure but a year from now the MGS awe will be well worn off and fanboys will be eagerly awaiting word from the Japanese game designer. Will it be a new Metal Gear game? A sequel to another IP? Or something new altogther?

ODDS 4:1

3. Nintendo Confirms an Actual Game

After wasting wasting hundreds of thousands of metric tonnes of plastic by releasing pseudo-games like Wii Music and Wii Hop-Scotch , Nintendo shocks the gaming world by announcing a actual video game. Expect this to be a follow up by one of the two big boys(Link and Mario), I thinking Link this time.

Bonus points: Game uses motion control in a sensible and interesting way.

Extra mega penis enlarging internet bonus points: Game is announced as launch title for the Wii Twii pronounced "We Twee" (I am assuming they will jump ahead to 3 just because of the obnoxious cuteness ofit sounding like something said by a five year old with a speech impediment).

ODDS 7:1

ODDS game will be on new console 25:1

4.Sony announces PS2 and most PS3 games on PSN as downloads

It was clear to my from my Boston brother's, Jack, press conference on Tuesday that Sony really believes in downloads as the wave of the future. Sure there will still be some huge games that will be best for Blu-Ray but I expect to see at 50% of all PS3 games making their debuts using online distribution. Corollary to this expect to see more games coming out in discrete episodic chunks. However, I doubt that we will be able to buy HD movies on the PS3 anytime soon, if ever, with their backing of blu-ray so strong.

ODDS 20:1

5. XBOX 360 Sucessor makes an appearance

It may feel like this generation just started the 360 will be nearly 4 years old by this time next year. It is clear from many interviews with Microsoft execs that they want to be the first to market with the next-next gen console again. They are known to shun Sony's idea of the 10 year console model and that lead me to believe this is a near lock for 2009. Barring a full new console announcement expect a Blu-Ray add-on.

ODDS 1.5:1

How realilistic is this list? It's hard to say. But one thing is for sure, even if just a few of these things come true, E3 will be immensly more entertaining than this year.   read

9:35 PM on 07.15.2008

Nother Day, Nother Disappointment

Veraxgamer takes on today's press conferences from Nintendo and Sony and wonder if the internet has rendered E3 irrelevant...........................................................

It may be that I am just used to the eloquence of Steve Job’s at Apple keynote events but today’s conferences from Nintendo and Sony both felt uninspired and anti-climatic. While I didn’t catch all of Ninendo’s press conference what I did see was cutesy and sugar-coated enough to give you a visual cavity. The promised announcement of delivering games for the core gamer seems to be all but absent, with thinly veiled attempt to pass off a new GTA spin-off for the DS as fulfilling there obligation to the core gaming audience. How ironic that they use a franchise so opposite of the image the word “Nintendo” brings about in the typical gamer’s mind in such a compacity. We can get the GTA experience anywhere but we look to Nintendo to bring their style and innovated game play, along with that tinge of nostalgia that anyone who’s first console lacked an analog stick gets from booting up a first party Nintendo game.

If Apple’s press events are all about eloquence and execution than this year’s E3 keynote from Sony is their antithesis. Chock full of awkward moments and people stumbling over words, from the moment Jack Tretton took the stage, you had to feel a bit bad for him in this situation. Yet in the back of my mind there was a twinkle of hope that Sony would deliver a shocking announcement that would change the current console landscape. No such luck. It was just the typical rehash of the same news that you could have read on any gaming site for months. There were a few highlight, such as; a movie service for the PS3 available tonight- it will be interesting to see how many titles are in hi-def - and Resistance 2 and Little Big Planet looking amazingly awesome(but we already knew that). Besides those gems the biggest announcement Sony could muster up was downloadable content for Ratchet and Clank. While I enjoyed the game immensely does not a console it make. Sony seems to be really pushing their download service but they didn’t really show anything to set them apart from the competition. Also, notably, Killzone 2 was absent and as was any mention of Final Fantasy XIII, or any RPG for that matter(J or otherwise). This lead me to wonder what kind of console the PS3 is going to become.

All in all the first two days of this year’s E3 have been underwhelming and filled with things we already knew about. In this day and age of ubiquitous information its seems press event such as this are dinosaurs from another era. For this gamer, it is becoming clear why E3 was down scaled in the first place. It seems that just as the Japanese Nintendo executive proclaimed that everyday is a holiday if you have a Nintendo; more and more everyday is E3 on these here internets.   read

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