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is this where i brag about my e-peen?

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Howdy Ho Destructoid folk! The ever popular SHITTY MOVIE NIGHT is, as you probably guessed, tonite! And the movie is Surf Ninjas, starring Rob Schneider, the modern superstar Ernie Reyes, Jr. (and Sr.), and HALF-ROBOT, HALF...leslie neilsen...

I can't tell you how many times I've watched this as a kid, and I found it on DVD about a week ago, so, why not use it as a Shimooni Night Movie.

Anyone that's been to Shitty Movie Night before knows the deal. Grab a snack, hop on ventrilo with us all and prepare for epic shit and LOLS.

It all starts 11:30pm EST, BE THERE!

I bought this "hamburger" a couple of days ago, and I just remembered that I got i ate it, and took pictures.

Its got everything you need!

Mmm, sugar, sugar, pigs feet, and coloring! My favorite!

Domo Want.

also, blackie.

i totally forgot the point of this blog...if there ever was one.
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So, I be walkin' through the malls, down to the KB Toys, checkin' the action figurez...and I be like: "oh dang."

POGs be back...and they're only $.50 a pack. I bought 2.

Each came with a slammer (win), 5 POGs (win), and a "Series card" which is a checklist of all POGs in the series, plus a how-to on playing POGs. I got 2 AWESOME holographic POGs and 4 character ones (one with a gangste-sorry gangta and 3 POST-CYBERAPOCALYSE characters). The morale of my story is:


Shit be like King Kong VS Chuck Norris! EP-to-the-mutha-fuckin-IC! I'm simply pissing my pants in excitement over what will happen next!!


Also, special thanks to KonsoleKings and Robtert Summa

So, I was cruisin' Play Asia for some cool figures/toys, and I done stumble upon dis'. What the hell, I might have to buy this! Ask yourself this question: "What's more fun than playing with Transformers, not letting life get you down?" Answer: Not much! Except if you could groove to your tunes while playing with transformers, not letting life get you down. Point made, I win, you lose, good day sir (and madams). Talk amongst your selves, not many words can describe this, but I tried.

PS: japoneese site: thank you play asia.

I don't know what it was that made me think of this game, but I figured It would be a fun thing the community could start up.

I played this game about 4 years ago after my history teacher told my class about it. A group of friends and I started playing, and we kept it up awhile, but then a few people just stopped playing, and it fell apart. It was real fun, and a good conversation piece to talk about how our countries either legalized drugs or abolished voting, etc.

Well, it was fun with my 5 friends, but I would imagine it would be a lot more fun with the Dtoid community (hence me typing this). I created a region just for Destructoid and all its awesomeness (Destructoid Land!!! yay!), so make your own nation and join The Destructoid Land region (the password is dtoid). Hey, if Bush can be the leader of the free world, so can you! only...on the internets!