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Marshmellow Hamburger? (NVGR)

I bought this "hamburger" a couple of days ago, and I just remembered that I got it...so i ate it, and took pictures. Its got everything you need! Mmm, sugar, sugar, pigs feet, and coloring! My favorite! Domo Want. also, blackie. i totally forgot the point of this blog...if there ever was one.


POGs: The New-Old Hotness (NVGR)

So, I be walkin' through the malls, down to the KB Toys, checkin' the action figurez...and I be like: "oh dang." POGs be back...and they're only $.50 a pack. ...so I bought 2. Each came with a slammer (win), 5 POGs (w...


Epic: KonsoleKingz VS Nextlust

Shit be like King Kong VS Chuck Norris! EP-to-the-mutha-fuckin-IC! I'm simply pissing my pants in excitement over what will happen next!! Also, DAAAAANG. Also, special thanks to KonsoleKings and Robtert Summa


MY HEAD A SPLODE! Soundwave MP3 Player!

So, I was cruisin' Play Asia for some cool figures/toys, and I done stumble upon dis'. What the hell, I might have to buy this! Ask yourself this question: "What's more fun than playing with Transformers, not letting life ...


Destructoid NationStates!! OMG GOGOGO!!!

I don't know what it was that made me think of this game, but I figured It would be a fun thing the community could start up. NationStates.net I played this game about 4 years ago after my history teacher told my class abo...


You've all Been Waiting...It's mah Birfday!!!1

The time has come! Shower me with praise and presents!!! The day rose with the sun, but falls at my hands!!! The man-of-velcro is 19 years old, and damn it, it's been tough. Now, velcroman only expects the best and thats all he should get. Think of where you'd be with out me!!! May godspeed be with you all, and prayeth I not smacketh you down the next time you cross me!!! good day.


About velcromanone of us since 11:37 PM on 12.15.2006

is this where i brag about my e-peen?


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