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Starting right now, and my prediction is that England will smash the absolute shit out of these noddy's.

Errmmm... this came up on my profile area, just wanted to clear it up. This is absolute bullshit. Workman touched me. not the other way around. So stop f'in abusing me Dtoid, it was out of my hands!!!!!!!

6:10 AM on 10.20.2007

Yes I know I should have took the time to make sure it was XBL compatible before purchasing, but since buying this POS router I have opened ports, tried messing with NAT settings, everything, and it keeps f'in up my XBL.

Logs me out, disconnects from games, doesnt even connect most times. Its not just XBl either, it constantly re-boots itself every 20-30 mins, kicking the entire network offline.

I have talked to tech, tried absolutely EVERYTHING so today im taking this POS router back to the shop. I knew I should have just bought the one I wanted, but the 40 year old virgin working at my local electronics store was sure this was the BESTEST WITTLE DEAL around. hmmmmmm..... obviously not.

The moral of the story? Dont waste your money on a F'in product made by Belkin.

THIS ROUTER F'IN SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:37 AM on 10.18.2007

How Did I know? From the last 25 community blog entries :P

WTF Man. LMFAO, who would keep that?

2:27 PM on 10.17.2007

Ive been living abroad for the past few years and only moved back to the UK a few months back. Just trying to network with a few Dtoid regulars who are based in the UK. People who know whats goin on in the gaming world over here, people who attend european events, etc.

So if youre from the UK, hit me up on XBL EGC veXed or you can always shoot me a PM on this here site :P