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veXed's blog

4:48 PM on 11.08.2007

CoD4 PAL disk region free?

I need some help here. I have been living in the US for the past few years and I brought my elite back with me when I came back to the UK. I am waiting on my copy of CoD4 collectors edition to be shipped from the US, but I ...   read

3:19 AM on 11.08.2007

Why Mario will suck nuts - yea I said it

...   read

4:16 PM on 11.06.2007

Blame Halo 3 ! L M F A O

Im sure many have seen this, but I just watched it for the first time. This guys video knock off of Akons song is really funny. If you havent seen it I suggest you take a few mins to watch it. I know I for one can relate, lol.   read

11:14 PM on 10.30.2007

Why the 360 is the worst product to EVER be sold to mankind.....

Because Its a freaking worthless piece of engineering crap - now I have your attention, please come in and read the full thing, I need confirmation that im not just going mad here..... I was unfortunate in the fact that I d...   read

4:29 AM on 10.22.2007

Gangster No. 1 - Must see movie

I saw this film last night for the first time. Pretty violent, alot of bad language, but still a very 'different' take on movie making. I really enjoyed it, here is a fan-made video with a few of the scenes from the movie. I would recommend renting, as it is definately not a buy for everyone.   read

6:14 AM on 10.21.2007

The Cinnamon Challenge

Yea I know its nothing new, but still this vid made me laugh. You think you could handle the heat? personally I wouldnt even bother trying. I thought it was sweet how they always have a drink on standby for the victim. When I was at school someone woulda kicked you in the shin while their accomplace snuck up behind to trip you over. LoL.   read

1:56 PM on 10.20.2007

England Vs. South Africa - Rugby world cup final!

Starting right now, and my prediction is that England will smash the absolute shit out of these noddy's.   read

6:23 AM on 10.20.2007

once groped Ron Workman in an elevator

Errmmm... this came up on my profile area, just wanted to clear it up. This is absolute bullshit. Workman touched me. not the other way around. So stop f'in abusing me Dtoid, it was out of my hands!!!!!!!   read

6:10 AM on 10.20.2007

Why Belkin sucks

Yes I know I should have took the time to make sure it was XBL compatible before purchasing, but since buying this POS router I have opened ports, tried messing with NAT settings, everything, and it keeps f'in up my XBL. Log...   read

11:37 AM on 10.18.2007

OKAMI FOR Wii!!!!!!!!

How Did I know? From the last 25 community blog entries :P   read

8:10 AM on 10.18.2007

Would you really Keep it if it looked like this?

WTF Man. LMFAO, who would keep that?   read

2:27 PM on 10.17.2007

Lookin for UK based Dtoiders

Ive been living abroad for the past few years and only moved back to the UK a few months back. Just trying to network with a few Dtoid regulars who are based in the UK. People who know whats goin on in the gaming world over here, people who attend european events, etc. So if youre from the UK, hit me up on XBL EGC veXed or you can always shoot me a PM on this here site :P   read

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