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Kinetic Typography is an animation technique mixing motion and text. This text is presented over time in a manner intended to convey or evoke a particular idea or emotion.[/color]

Some commonly seen examples of this technique include:

1. The rolling credits of that Lifetime movie you ended up watching...Since your girlfriend was the last person to use the damn TV, and your lazy ass wouldn't get up to find the remote so here you're there watching a 4 hour feminist propaganda/hallmark movie with no less than 50 commercials about feminine hygiene products and depression medicine.

2. Another reminder that Portal's "Still Alive" really takes the cake.

Portal - Still Alive typography from Trickster on Vimeo.

It would probably look like this:

I love 2D games and I love HD....Just the idea of mixing the two makes me moist. (Ask Joe Burling)

I think Sega should take cue from Capcom's: Super Street fighter II Turbo HD Remix (except for the ridiculously long title) and recreate an original Sonic game in High Definition. It would sell a metric shit ton...Heck I'll even bet Sonic would sell 1 million copies the first day.

Here's to hoping my wet-dream becomes a reality...Now if only Microsoft would fix their horrible iteration of a D-pad, the world would be a better place.


Artist Credit: AlchemistDefined

Starting Dec. 4 Xbox 360 will support .divx videos, and other stuff... Way too many improvements talk about right I'm a bit jazzed up by the 14 cups of coffee and 3 lines of white I've had this morning.

Either way this is kick ass for all you 360 users...

Make sure and find a PS3 fanboy and shit in his pillow.