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What is there to say about me? I'm 25, I've worked at both Gamestop and Game Crazy, and I obviously have an obsession with video games. I'll play pretty much anything, but I have a not-so-secret obsession with rhythm games so you've been warned. I'm also a proud member of what used to be Stereotoid, home of the best damn album reviews this side of the interweb.

Still, I'm always up for a good multiplayer romp, so if you ever wanna play a couple games send me a request on Xbox Live, PSN or Steam. I'm a bit of a shy little introvert, but once you get to know me I'm not that bad.

Also, for some stupid reason I have a Twitter. You should follow it, or something.

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...No, not mine. Mine is the 14th. SO CLOSE HRRRRRRNG...anyways.

Backstory! There was a Twitter conversation a few days ago, between my fellow Stereotoid bro Antwhan and someone else. She was mentioning it was her birthday soon. Me being the "Jump into everybody's Twitter conversations" guy that I am, totally had to comment on how close our birthdays were, Libras unite, yada yada. I also mentioned to her that she'd get a super-special birthday mention on Stereotoid. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that we were going on vacation until New Destructoid launches, so that plan was foiled.

BUT I AM NOT A MAN TO GO BACK ON HIS WORD. So, everyone, ladies, gentlemen, other such folk, today's birthday belongs to...


I think she's like 24 or something, I dunno. Either way, IT'S HER BIRTHDAY DAMMIT, EVERYONE GO SHOWER HER WITH BIRTHDAY WISHES AND SUCH!!!! She's a classy lass, she'd do the same for you.

So, yeah. I promised I'd throw a shout-out at ya, so even if Stereotoid isn't a go this week, I'm still throwin' a shoutout your way!


I totally just failblogged for you Bev. It was worth it though, so happy birthday!

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