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Bla bla bla stuff

I own a Mega-Drive, a 360 and now a PS3... as my xbox just got the rrod (again), I gave up on it and switched to the PS3 (only bought it a few weeks ago

I also love girls, beach, surf and soccer. GRÊMIO FBPA = Best soccer team in the world...

I DO play sports (surf and soccer, basically), even though I'm definitely a nerd (a pretty one, but still a nerd).

I also got an account at DeviantArt, which is abandoned: http://gearlock.deviantart.com

Games I own:

Batman: A. Asylum

+ a lot of Mega-Drive games, in which only 4 are actually good: "Sonic, the Hedgehog", "Moonwalker", "Ghouls N' Ghosts" and "Quackshot"

As for the PC I got: Quake III Arena, Age of Empires I and II, Diablo II, Oddworld Abe's Oddysee, Half-Life 2 and Doom³.

I used to love playing Quake3 online, but then my connection decided to suck, thanks to ADSL and a crappy wi-fi system I have here at my home (we have more than one PC), so it started to lag so much, that i quit playing that. I also have this same problem on the Xbox Live, I really don't know what to do. Maybe buying a new router.

and that's it.

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7:43 PM on 04.21.2008

although I've been daily checking the destructoid site since the beginning of this year, only now i've decided to create an account...

so... hey, what's up?

EDit: Well, since Sarin suggested that I should write more, here it goes:

I'm from Porto Alegre, Brasil. I always loved games, even though I've never had money to buy many of them (neither my dad wanted to buy some for me, hehe).

I've heard about destructoid after the "Kane & Lynch" incident at Gamestop (or cashwh0re, i dunno). I pretty much I LOL'd a lot. What I like much about dToid is that it's funny and at the same time very informative about games and stuff. Plus, it seems to have a very strong community, so I found that really interesting.

Well, hope this is better now, hehe.