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utti's blog

10:33 AM on 02.10.2012

Fable Family Matters

My husband and child disappeared the other day. Not my real family, but my little RPG family I had set up in the land of Albion while playing Fable 3. When I beat the game, I had purchased every single piece of property ava...   read

11:37 PM on 11.13.2011

Playing as Catwoman made me want to punch the wall

Batman: Arkham City is one of my favorite Xbox 360 games ever. It has fantastic gameplay, graphics, is loaded with side missions and has superb voice acting that caters to my love of Batman the Animated Series. It also has ...   read

2:23 PM on 08.16.2011

Why Commander Shepard Rules, Blonde or No

If you're the owner of an Xbox 360 or PC I hope you've had the pleasure of playing through two excellent games in a planned trilogy called Mass Effect. PS3 owners will only be able to play ME2 and ME3, but even if you miss o...   read

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