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I am, at heart, a total old school gamer. I love the old stuff. I was first weened on Game Boy and Game Gear before moving on to the meatier SNES, PSX, N64, and so on so forth. But I do not forget where I came from!

Recently, I hit the gold mine. While cleaning out my closet, I found all my old game systems and the games I kept! This blog will be my running tally of my adventures plowing through all my old systems. First up: Nintendo's Game Boy

Game: Super Mario Land!
Oh mercy, so many memories are tied to this game. Not only was it the first game I ever played on a nintendo console, but also the first game I played ever! My parents bought my brother and I two Game Boys so we would be occupied during long vacation trips. It was that summer that I first experienced the Nintendo universe. You never forget your first time, right?

(Nostalgic music begins to play)It was 1994, and I was in 4th grade. We were on our way to Europe to visit my Uncle. I sat in my airplane seat, and flicked on my Game Boy. For you young whipper snappers, this was back when the Game Boy was about the size of a brick and displayed about three colors: white, black, and gray if you were lucky!

I played through the first level, and was immediately smitten. The music was fantastic, the enemies were fun to kill ("LOL! They exploded! Mom! That turtle exploded!"), and I was having the time of my life. After about ten minutes, my world came to a stop. I received my first "Game Over." It happened on that lousy Egyptian level! The piranha plants got me! Why? Why, God, WHY?? I recall turning the game off for a while. I had been burned and it hurt.

An hour or so later, I turned the game back on. Mario was still there, and I made it all the way to the first world boss. After losing a couple lives, I finally beat him. My little heart was so excited! And, after the wall lifted, there she was! There was Daisy! "Oh, Daisy!" I said. "Oh, Mario!" she replied. I looked down at my Game Boy with some confusion. "Was this it? This was the end of my whole adventure?" Suddenly, Daisy turned into a a monster, and hopped off screen. Well, shoot! This changes things! On to more adventure!

All in all, it took me several months of trying and trying to beat that game. But finally, the day came where I blew up the alien thing, and flew off with Daisy in my ship. She didn't transform this time! Ha HA! I put the Game Boy down with some satisfaction. I had done it. I had won.

I picked up my cartridge today and stuck it in my Game Boy Advance. Still worked. I decided to play a bit and see how far I would get in one sitting. After a few hours, I had only gotten to the second world. But more importantly, I still had fun playing it. Talk about staying power! I think later tonight I might pick up Super Mario Land 2 and see what that has to offer. No more tiny, undefined Mario anymore! Now he has big eyes! And I can see all the enemies too! The colors Duke! The colors!

Next Chapter: Game Gear

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