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urbanyeti's blog

6:34 PM on 06.17.2008

Start of an Affair- Super Mario Land

For this month's community themed blog, I am going all the way back. Back before colored handhelds, before pocket sizes portables, to the days of the original Game Boy. Before a lengthy family vacation, my parents bought me...   read

5:24 PM on 11.21.2007

The Yeti Review: Hitman the Movie

So I am taking a break from my usual stuff to tell you about something magical: a video game movie that is awesome. Now, we can almost all agree that video game flicks suck. They are almost always made by big movie industr...   read

8:49 PM on 11.04.2007

Game Closet II: Sonic Taught Me Financial Planning

Wow. Over three months since my last post. Well, grad school will do that to ya. Steal all your time and money. Well I managed to find some time and it is now time for part II of my (largely unnoticed) journey through all my ...   read

12:18 AM on 08.06.2007

Game Closet Chapter I: Daisy! NOOOOOO!!

I am, at heart, a total old school gamer. I love the old stuff. I was first weened on Game Boy and Game Gear before moving on to the meatier SNES, PSX, N64, and so on so forth. But I do not forget where I came from! Recentl...   read

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