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Dragon Age: Jumping to Conclusions

For years, all anyone really knew about Dragon Age was that nobody really knew much about it. Was it an MMO? Were there any dragons in it? Was it set in China? Albuquerque? The moon? This month, BioWare finally began lifting ...


"Too Human: Your Forum Sucks" Demo

Denis Dyack is rather fanatical about Too Human. That's established. Lots of people have low expectations for Too Human, and this upsets Mr. Dyack. That's established. Denis Dyack likes to go on tirades conflating positions ...


"The Sexiness of Text Simulations"

The common stereotype regarding sports gamers seems to be that of loud, ignorant bros who sit around a TV playing Madden, chugging beers, and hi-fiving each other whenever anything happens. While that description certainly ...


Hopes and Fears for Fake Sports Gaming

I'm torn between two schools of thought about the upcoming TNA iMPACT! (their typeset, not mine) game from Midway. On one hand, it's not Smackdown! vs. Raw, and that alone gives it a leg up over recent THQ/YUKE's efforts -- s...


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Video games
make me cool.

When I was 8 years old, I bought Shaq Fu on the day it was released. The guy behind the counter offered me $5 for the CD that was packed in. I took him up on his offer.

14 years later, I'm haunted by one question: Who was the real loser that day?

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