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uber bondy
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A Kickstart to the Face

A wise man once said ‘times, they are a’ changing’. And while Bob Dylan was probably referring to social revolution, or the end of stifling patriarchal authority, I prefer to think that he was actually referencing the state o...


When the Levee of Gaming Breaks

‘Viral Marketing’ is a concept which, by now, most of the gaming community/industry has begrudgingly accepted. Personally, while I find it to be fairly uninspired, I don’t particularly mind it. It does seem to me however, tha...


About uber bondyone of us since 1:53 AM on 03.02.2012

My name's Michael.
Video Games are a lot like cigarettes... I dont know what's in em', but I cant stop smoking em'.

...or playing them I guess, whatever.

I more frequently blog at:
So yeah, that.

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