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turtLe avatar 2:52 PM on 08.20.2012  (server time)
turtLe's First Post and Tour of the new Home

Hello all!

I've been a Dtoid lurker forever, since 06? something like that. I'd post a comment here and there but thats about all. I put very little input into the site but read and checked for updates sometimes 5+ times a day.

Thats about to change starting now.

So yeah Hi! My names Mark, but you can call me turtLe. Some friends and I played Starcraft religiously in school and I liked toss, and photon cannons, therefore the name turtLe, why is the "L" capital? I don't know I looked neat and it just stuck.

I always enjoy looking at peoples gaming spaces/collections, I feel it's a snapshot of their likes. Plus I'd always get some GREAT ideas for my own space. My girlfriend and I moved in together and bought our very own condo aka nerdspace in January (We're both uberdorks and love gaming <3). We've got everything from statues to framed nerdyness so I hope you enjoy, feel free to leave comments below - I love constructive criticism.

I guess I'll start off with the newest piece, with some D-toid love. Retronator had a free shipping sale so I picked up his piece called click Tribute

On to the living room! Aerial shot from the loft.

I game from here, honestly the TV is a tad high, but I've gotten used to it now. I pull the mount out about 50 inches and it angles down when I play. TV is a Sharp 50" LED LCD 3DTV. To the left is the Curio Cabinet holding all the consoles, and the game spinner to the right.

Ontop the curio cabinet is the PS3, inside is the SNES and DC along with a switcher, below is the stereo. Softmodded Wii and Xbox 360 Elite. Below that is a modded Xbox with a 300gb HDD.

N64, Two Slim PS2's one stock and the other modded. Below see the BEAST. Silly Sega what were you thinking?

On the back of the door to our second bedroom (read library) we have hung our controllers. I got the idea to use a shoe rack from someone on Racketboy.

Onto the good stuff. THE GAMES! I'll start off with the spinner. I have games in 3/4 sides so I don't have to turn it. However the option will be there which is amazing for expandability.



Wii and GC
Yes I am a dirty rotten pirate. Wait a sec, don't stone me just yet. My Wii is soft-modded I download games first (therefore the blank Wii cases) If I enjoy the game I buy it (If I don't it's condemned to a white blank case lol). If it's labelled its the real deal. Currently Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Mario Party 9 are on the "To Get List" so I can toss out the phoney copies.

Xbox, X360 and Kinect

Onto the eating area and kitchen, here a shot from the living room

Gaming doesn't stop in the kitchen, note the MineCraft Magnets on the Refrigerator. Every once and a while a new dungeon or house appears.

The eating area holds all our movies and some games.


I use DS cases to store GBA games I need to get covers printed for them so they'll look stop notch!

Here are all my handhelds from the 1st left column: GBA, GBA SP, GBA Micro.
2nd column: Custom painted GBC from Zoki64 off Racketboy, NDS Lite, 3DS.
3rd column: PSP1000, PSP2000, PSP3000, PS Vita.
4th column: GP2X Wiz, iPad 3 64gb and iPhone 4S.

Blu-ray Movies and TV Shows

Behind the eating area before the master bedroom I have two shelves with most my retro stuff. I have all cart's put in Universal Game Cases (UGC's) and custom art printed for them (off I used a home printed and used up all the ink. I think I will just redo them all and get it all professionally printed at Staples next time.

When I was younger I loved the Dreamcast, but I just couldn't afford games. All the slim CD Cases are burnt Dreamcast games. I've since re bought some of my favourites, but I just don't use the system enough these days to justify replacing them all with legit copies. I know it's a negative way to look at things, but if I were to buy legit copies it's not like the developers would see my cash therefore I wouldn't be supporting them (unlike what I've stated above with the Wii)

I love comic books I've turned our second bedroom somewhat into a library, and a photo of my grandmother RIP :(

What you've seen so far is our attempt to blend our love of media and pop culture with a bit of class. That idea is 100% out the window in the loft.

Going up the stairs you will see both computers, the girlfriend's and mine. Great setup for Diablo! My computer on the right is: Two old Viewsonic 19" monitors and a 27" Samsung set up as a eyefinity display (I use displayfusion on them for the taskbar/hotkeys on each) and a Logitech G15 Gen 1 Keyboard. Inside the Antec 1200 case is a ASUS P6X58D Premium mobo, Intel i7 930 LGA1366, 6gb triple channel DDR3 memory and Radeon 5870 and stacks and stacks of HDD's (14Tb total lulz) to hold HD Movies/TV Shows to stream to the PS3.

I'm trying to get a few shots so I can capture all the art. All the art in the loft is done by Adam Sidwell of the Skid (formerally 52 Bad Dudes)

Now I am sure you have noticed the statues, they are made by Sideshow Collectables. It's a new hobby I've gotten into over the last few months. They are 1/4 Scale and are made of Polystone.

A closeup of each Sideshow Comiquette
Carnage was my first piece. It kinda got me into collecting

Venom is my newest I LOVE it. the detail is just unreal

The devious Hobgoblin, he has always been one of my favourite Spider-man villains

When Cap dies, Bucky takes up the sheild. This piece uses real leather for the suit, normally not something I am a fan of but in this case it works!

I totally lucked out here, I won this off eBay its a EMPLOYEE EXCLUSIVE edition of Tychus off StarCraft II. It looks the same as the regular except this edition is much smaller (550) then the regular (2000) stated on the bottom. I don't know why this blizzard employee sold it, but I am certainly enjoying it

This is our kitten Atari. She's 9 weeks old and the most adorable headache/terror/fluffball I've ever seen. Karma Machine indeed.

We just redid our deck on the roof. Just laid down tiles from Ikea then painted them with a teak oil. Such an improvement!

Anyway thats about all I have to show for now. Hope everyone enjoys! I'd love comments ect below!

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