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5:40 PM on 09.30.2010

Adventure Gaming Land - King's Quest I: The Quest for the Crown

Back in the old days of PC, there were a certain amount of adventure games that were very hard because a:) certain hints that where given didn't help in anyway b:) you try to do everything possible to solve a puzzle, like combining inventory items or you didn't have the right item at the right time or c:) you put yourself in a scenario where you can't win, no matter what.

Sierra Online games were hard because you didn't know if, when, or what could kill you at anytime; you had to save at every screen just to be safe; and you didn't know what was the right thing to do.

Original made in 1984[1], King's Quest I[2] was a text parser adventure game in which you wander around the gaming area, gathering items, getting clues on what to do next, solving puzzles, etc. You control your character by using the arrow keys and you also use the keyboard to type in commands to do things such as examining things, getting objects, or manipulating items.

For this article, while it's a walkthru, I'm going to explain my thought process in terms of what I can or can't do, why I can't believe I need to do this, etc.

Let's get started...

For the story itself you are Sir Graham, possibly the only bravest and honorable knight in the kingdom of Daventry. So where are the other knights in this kingdom? Why just summon Graham only?

Anyway, King Edward has asked you to find the three of the lost treasures in order to save the kingdom.

These treasure were probably lost because when you have one knight in this kingdom you don't have that much protection.

After heading to the left for about two screens, I look around and I'm in a shady forest clearing and there are also two rocks but I find that only one rock that stands out because the game says so. So what should I do? Should I just move on and dismiss that rock? Should I just sit on the rock and think about what I should I do next? No, I'll just move it. It's not like something bad going to happen...but it does.

I get killed because I didn't stand in the right way. Funny how the message says it rolls even though it actually just slid down not roll down. And this is one of the many examples that games like this can screw you over. You could die by not standing in the right place.

But seriously, I get killed because I wasn't standing in the right place. Just looking at the screen it doesn't look like the rock is on a slope or anything. Well, anyway, after restoring, I pushed the rock from the other direction and looked in the hole.

A knife. Ok. Someone probably drop their knife, then a really strong wind pushed it to the hole where the rock originally was at and then a mole must have accidentlly pushed the rock over the knife.

I head north one screen and notice a large, oak tree. Of course now that I think about maybe this oak tree is large so that I could probably climb it and see some landmarks. So it's tree climbing time. Oh look, a egg. Even though it seems to be yellow so it must be golden. However while carefully walking to the egg, I fall to my death. Or not. Oh believe me, from that height you could fall many times and not die immediately but at a certain point in the game it won't be. After several tries I do get the golden egg and just fall off. Broken bones and a concussion won't stop Sir Graham.

Heading west two screens I spot a old well. Now seeing I'm thirsty I decided to pull the bucket up, but there's no water. So that's where I go in bucket to get some water. So here's something, you can cut the rope when you're in the bucket but if you're on the rope itself you can't. Since I'm not Spiderman[tm] I decide to dive and see if there's a way out.

Bypassing an empty chest I find a place to climb out of the water. I decide to fill the bucket with water, just in case I need something to drink. Why would I use it for something else? It's not like there's going to be a fire somewhere to put out.

Oh shit, it's a dragon.

I found out that there are two ways to kill the dragon. The first one is the dagger. When you think about it how in the hell is a dagger going to kill something at big?

Well, it does. Congralutions! You've killed probably the kingdom's most feracious beast by throwing it a small dagger at it's neck?! Well you do get the mirror but there's one small problem. How do you get out?

Now there's the other method. So depending on what items you got by wondering around the area, you've probably don't it. And the way to "kill" the dragon?

I'm serious. Water will destroy this mighty fire-breathing beast. Too bad I don't have acid and then I could throw it at the dragon. It would shriek in pain, the acid burning its face and eyes, its body hitting the cave wall, bringing down the foundation of cave and probably Graham with it.

Well, you can only dream. Nope, one bucket full of water stops the dragon in tracks. Then this message pops up: "Unable to defend itself...the dragon rolls the boulder and walks away in shame."

Even without the fire breath the dragon could still -- I don't know -- eat Graham, use its tail to hit him, sending Graham into the wall and breaking his bones but since this is a PG game it's not gonna happen.

First lost treasure get! I head out of the cave and try to figure out which treasure to get next.

Next time on King's Quest I: We travel to heaven, only to find out its full of holes.

[1] The first version was made in 1984, then remade in 1990, and a fan remake was made in 2006.

[2] The version I'm playing is the EGA version. In the old days there were three different graphic adapters: CGA, which is 4 colors; EGA which is 16 colors; and VGA which was 256 colors.   read

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