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2:37 PM on 11.16.2007

I'm up in your retailz, stealing your gift cards: A story of Win

*Dtoid & CAG readers may already know of this deal...

Some of us, actually most of us, have picked up Super Mario Galaxy. I picked up my copy on Tuesday. If you were well informed, then you would've gone to Toys R' Us. They are [still] offering a free $25 gift card with your purchase of the game. I did just that. With the free gift card I helped myself to a copy of Zack and Wiki. This was all for about $70 with the use of my free gift card.

It gets juicy.

I am also a Best Buy Rewards Zone member. For the holiday season, they are giving their members the option to earn double points if you shop before 11 am on any given day. I took advantage of this and returned my copy of Super Mario Galaxy to TRU. The next day I went to BB and picked up another copy and received double points. Later that night, I read on CheapAssGamer how BB is now deal matching TRU. With the help of a trusty SKU (#6867688), now you can pick up the game with a BB gift card. Personally, I would rather have a gift card for BB. After reading other peoples experiences on CAG, I decided to cash in on this.

It gets juicier.

I went to customer service and told them I bought the game the other day. I also told them that BB has started a corporate promotion. The promotion entitles a free $25 gift card with the purchase of Super Mario Galaxy. The blond at the counter was dumbfounded. It took her about ten minutes of shuffling through this weeks BB ad to figure out the logic of how to handle this. After delegating with her manager and calling TRU, they both came to the register and pressed some buttons. Eventually, they let me know that they will match the deal and give me a gift card for $29.43. I was like, "WTF!?...sure, okay." Apparently the price matching policy is 10% under the competitor’s price. I didn't think this would factor in. I was pushing for $25. My guess is that the two gals working the register skied uphill and didn't issue me the gift card correctly. I'm not complaining. With my Rewards Zone points, I now have $70 that I can use for Rock Band next week. Win? I believe so.

I declare…
( o Y o )’s

Check out CAG for more details and other people’s experiences. If you do decide to cash in on this, let us know how it went. Win? Fail? Flex that Dtoid and CAG muscle for the mother fucking win.   read

3:17 PM on 10.28.2007

LOOK! Lets try this again... MGS shirts! ANYONE INERESTED?

The other day I clogged about my new MGS shirts that were fucking badass. I mentioned if I heard good enough feedback and interest that I would consider having a batch pressed and for sale.

If you like what you see and are willing to buy one, say "METAL GEAR!?..."
(seriously, "METAL GEAR!?..." is the only response that I will accept.)

( o Y o )'s


1:06 PM on 10.25.2007

My brand new Wiimote Condoms!...if you care, because I kinda don't.

When I checked my mail this morning, I was blessed with a small package from NoA. I was like, "!?" I totally forgot that I actually placed a request for these. I know that I won't be using these anytime soon. Perhaps they will find some use around the 13th of November. I was a little weirded out by these. I'm used to holding my Wiimote bareback. With the protection it feels a little girthy, especially with the ribbed texture. Inserting the Wiimote into the condom was cake. What is interesting about the design is how there is a little flap that you can insert into the expansion slot (where the Nunchuck plugs in). I guess they put that there so shit wouldn't get in there after the Wiimote is inserted into your girlfriends ass. The diagrams in the manual that comes with has some weird sexual undertone, or I might just be homoWiimotephobe. They were free so I can't complain. Anyway, I can sleep peacefully at night now that I know I can practice safe Wii Play...and buttsecks. Here's a series of photos for your enjoyment.   read

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