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trunxkam45 avatar 5:01 PM on 09.18.2010  (server time)
Street Fighter 3 & Alpha 2 Stages in 3D via iPad

So I saw this video the other day on youtube. Very cool shit. I loveeeeee the diorama effect. Reminds me of back in the day when I had to make them for 4th grade science. Recreating Jurassic mayhem on a 1/100 scale was quite awesome.

Personally SF3 and SFA2 are two of my favorite titles from the series. The former has a distinct, clean, and polished style that's all its own and really stands out from most other titles. There's just enough innovation to keep it from feeling alien but at the same time fresh and new. Everything from the combat to the music is quite unique and it's quite awesome.

Also, watching this person create these scenes is really quite cool. Enjoy!

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