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trunxkam45 avatar 9:48 AM on 10.19.2010
Nintendo's 1992 CES booth reveals early Kirby's Dream Course

Youtube user Digital Neohuman seems to have been to a lot of video game shows, public events, etc. Several of his/her videos are from the early 90s. They are pretty trippy and it's really cool to see all the similarities and differences when compared to these shows today. Nintendo's promotion is... radical. 54 seconds in it gets REALLY apparent what year this was.

The video itself is shot pretty well. Steady sweeping shots of a variety of games and different things. For those of you that were too young to experience the 90s, here it is. The music, the presentations, the clothes, etc.

Also check out more of Digital Neohuman's videos! They seem to be pretty interesting. Not enough attention for these insane clips.

thanks to dtoid user lem's insight, we can see what looks to be a really early build of Kirby's Dream Course at the 2:53 mark. So early in fact that none of the objects or ch
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