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trugamer87 avatar 1:49 AM on 08.03.2014  (server time)
Xbox 360 isn't dead

Even though its successor, the Xbox One, has been out for several months now, the Xbox 360 is still a popular and relevant console, and Microsoft plans to continue support for it until 2016. It first released in North America on November 22, 2005. The original model suffered from some issuesóthe notorious ďred ring of deathĒ resulted in a high failure rate, and even once Microsoft got the problem under control, it tainted some playersí impressions of the system.

Nevertheless, the Xbox 360 was strong and innovative, and quickly became a big name in the console market. A strong library of retail games, as well as the digital Xbox Live Marketplace, helped propel it to success. Several huge titles made names for themselves on the Xbox 360, such as Halo 3 (and subsequent Halo games), Gears of War, Alan Wake, Mass Effect, and many, many others. It was a great generation for gaming, and there just isnít enough time to list every great Xbox 360 game.

Donít think those great releases have diminished since the start of the new generation, either. Many games are cross-generational, and some developers havenít made the jump at all. The Xbox 360 is one of the consoles that saw Telltaleís second episodic series, The Wolf Among Us. Wolfenstein: The New Order appeared on consoles across both generations. We canít forget Titanfall, which hit the Xbox 360 after some delays. Dark Souls II, the sequel to 2011ís punishing title Dark Souls, is another big name that recently released for the Xbox 360.

New titles are in the consoleís immediate future, too. Sacred 3, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Risen 3, and Madden NFL 15 will all be playable by Xbox 360 users before the end of the month, and no one can ignore the massive game looming on the horizon nextóDestiny. Other high-profile titles planned for the rest of the year, including Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, The Evil Within, and Dragon Age: Inquisition, have the Xbox 360 has one of their destinations, and October will also see the release of yet another big name not planned for the new generationís consolesóBorderlands: The Pre-Sequel! (And thatís not just us being excited. The exclamation mark is even on the box art.)

With all of these games out there, you wonít be tired of your Xbox 360 for a long time. Rest assured that whether youíre playing one of the old classics or one of the new games, youíll be able to find guides to help you whenever you need them. If youíd like hints so you can cruise through some games to make way for the new releases, or if youíre just stuck and need advice, there are a ton of Xbox 360 cheats out there. Some games even have cheat codes and hidden Easter eggs for you to discover. Unlockables, tricks, and much more exist for all sorts of games, so donít be afraid to look up Xbox 360 cheats from time to time.

The Xbox 360 is far from obsolete. In fact, itís still one of the strongest systems out there, even with so much attention being given to the newer consoles. If you havenít switched away from it yet, donít worry about a thing. Youíve still got a strong library of games in your future.

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