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troxman avatar 1:05 PM on 06.05.2013  (server time)
Entry No. 1 " For the Love of Games

Gaming. It's the reason i'm writing this, it's the reason you're reading this and it's the reason that brought you here. Video games have been my primary source of entertainment for as long as I can remember. From my first Sega Genesis to my family's shared PS1 and 2.Gaming has been a centerpiece in my living room, but also hold a special place in my heart. 
        With the new generation quickly approaching I am eager and excited to see what lies ahead and what sort of cool, new, and interesting experiences we will all be playing. All of the hype around the new consoles reminds me of the beginning of this current generation, when it was a race to the starting line, 'who will it be!?,' we all seemed to exclaim in eager anticipation. 
  I had previously become one of the biggest Xbox fanboys 
at the tender age of 13.It had seemed to be years since I was praising the Playstation 2 for it's unique games and the fact it played DVD's.  I remember everyday looking for new information online on the new consoles (primarily Xbox 360) just to get a taste or even a glimpse of what to expect. The best memory I had of it all was just the excitement, not fighting over petty things; such as 'it's an entertainment box, not a gaming console,' or 'it's all about gaming not tv.' 
    I remember having fun with video games and just to mention fun and video games in the same sentence. There was a certain element to games back then. Not only were there more studios making games, but there were more people being passionate about making them. Those games were all full title releases; although, receiving mixed reviews and sales, the games were fun and enjoyable. I understand that there are still thousands of people developing games, big and small for various platforms; and I do not what to undermine those people, they're awesome and they're the reason we don't get bored waiting at doctor appointments or waiting in line at the movies. 
        Something I really want to convey in all of this is that we need to change our mindset that we're all getting screwed over by costs and fees (which we are and very well will be in the future) but that we recognize video games as fun experiences that movies, tv, or even books can't offer. You can complain about the costs or fees being created, but fact of the matter is this: we have and always will be charged extra for things we enjoy. In the famous words of an ex-Microsoft employee "Deal with it!"
     As a community (which is what all gamers are in) we need to speak up, not in a hateful way, but in a constructive and critiquing way. We need to help these companies realize that with our input and insight we can make things better, faster, and well.. more efficient. I had to stop myself from referencing a Daft Punk song there. In all seriousness though gamers need to speak up, not harshly, but knowing that their words can impact the outcome an entire generation of gaming. 
      To close my very first post I just want to say how excited I am for E3 and all of the announcements that will come out. I feel like a kid again, excited for Christmas morning. It's only a few days away, but it feels like a year. I look forward to writing a post E3 blog responding to all of the announcements and I will even give my two cents on who I think the winner of E3 is and list anticipated titles. Remember to enjoy games, they're extremely fun. So be a kid again, have some fun and play video games.

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