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triumphofhearts's blog

3:25 AM on 12.21.2008

REVIEW - Pic Pic - Nintendo DS (505 Games)

Firstly, lets praise 505 for taking the step and localizing an entirely unknown title and intellectual property. Of course, being that the game itself is unlikely to outsell any of the DS' triple A titles that encourage activ...   read

7:31 PM on 12.20.2008

REVIEW - Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock - Xbox 360 (Activision)

It speaks volumes that a game with as streamlined and simple a concept as Guitar Hero takes well over a year to write about. As a series, Guitar Hero is a number of things: an excersise in Carpal Tunnel, an audio irritant, an...   read

7:29 PM on 12.20.2008

REVIEW - Beautiful Katamari - Xbox 360 (Namco Bandai)

In motion, Katamari is like an watching a jar of sweets tipped down a hill. To the passer-by, these sweets seem to march and pulse in time with the ever inventive, thumping J-Pop soundtrack, while an infinitely adhesive Gene ...   read

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