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4:37 PM on 09.03.2010

Stop me if you've heard this one before - the secret of Mario's dream

Ahoy there!

Okay so this is my first blog and I'd always thought I'd write something very deep and interesting but instead I'm completely wasted and I had this awesome thought and I have to write it down before falling asleep and forgetting. Also, I'm French and high and drunk, consequently spelling/grammar mistake might ensue. However:

This may well revolutionize the Nintendo canon. This may well alter forever the way we think of narrative in Mario games.
This may well change your life.

It may also be something thousands of people have already said, or already thought but judged it too trivial and stupid to mention.

Anyway, I think it's pretty cool, and here it is:

So, Shy Guys.

So. Yeah.
Shy Guys appear only in SMB2 and Yoshi's Island universe (I'm not counting spinoffs and things like that - I also don't count games I don't know/remember and am too lazy to research). Right.
SMB2 is a dream (ZOMG spoiler alerts). Until now we thought that was because Doki Doki Whatever and adapting the sprites but not too much so we have to explain why it's all different so BAM it's a dream! However:

Shy Guys exist in Yoshi's Island. Yoshi's Island. Remember? Like the place where Mario fell when he was a baby. He was separated from his twin brother then carried by several Yoshis. All he saw the whole time (must have been fucking weeks, I've always assumed there were elipses between levels), was the back of a Yoshi's head, and fucking Shy Guys attacking all over the place. Flying Shy Guys. Tribal-mask-thing Shy Guys. Shy Guys on stitls. Shy Guys with blowpipes. Fat Shy Guys that you eat them and it makes big eggs oh my god that level was awesome. All that while dealing with the trauma of having possibly lost his sibling forever.

Wouldn't you have dreams about that shit?

Yep. All that time we were having fun throwing turnips around, Mario was actually dealing with his big childhood trauma. Obviously he only has a dim memory of the Shy Guys, but they still haunt him in his dreams. I mean: THEY HAUNT HIM IN HIS DREAMS!
I mean that's like an awesome deep narrative character development thing. Mario's dream comes from a childhood thing. That's like a mature story thing. Mario is as deep as Heavy Rain! More so even, as I'm pretty sure the Origami Killer wasn't even attacked by folded paper while riding a dragon-dinosaur thing as baby. So yeah, there you have it. Video games are art because Mario's dream in SMB2 has a Freudian explanation in Yoshi's Island. Suck it Roger Ebert.

And because I'm shit-faced I think I'm the first one to think about this.


(Also you could argue that he throws edible things at them, just like Yoshi used to throw eggs at them and eat them. And also Wart could represent Baby Bowser. I mean he changed a lot and Mario would only have a blurry memory and wouldn't be able to make the connection with Grown-Up Bowser. I mean they're all green. Yeah it's bullshit. I need to sleep.)   read

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