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triforcer's blog

10:07 PM on 08.21.2007

Kid almost becomes Darwin Award winner

By cooling his Xbox 360's power supply unit in water... while he was using, but it's okay he took the precaution of wrapping it in plastic and tape. This should teach the kid not to listen to the internet ever again.   read

7:18 PM on 08.20.2007

The Need for Mob Justice

I may still be new to these community blogs, but since I've been checking out these blogs on a more frequent basis I noticed there's a lot of crap and I don't mean this blog post: This is the best plush toy ever made I'm ...   read

10:20 PM on 08.15.2007

Pixel Whore: Making Destructoid Less Ugly

As a daily visitor to Destructoid two things have always caught my attention whenever I visit the website: their off-color remarks and their inability to properly use their pixel font. While most visitors probably don't even ...   read

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