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Hey, I'm a college freshman, going to Hendrix college in Arkansas. Right now I plan on going for mathematics and computer science, but that could change. I play soccer, volleyball, and video games.
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My childhood was defined by the games I played and the movies I watched. And with this flood of mystical worlds, science fiction, and other stories that were far from reality, I was raised knowing the difference between stories and truth. 
How many people, when they were children, watched a scary movie that gave birth to nightmares? How many times did you parents reassure you by telling you 'It isn't real'?
Modern media, wether it be video games or movies, are causing the current generation to sift through fabricated stories and falsehoods more than our parents. Religion is, in the view point of an atheist, perhaps the easiest, or if not the easiest the most influential and most widely shared story identify as fiction. 
When you play games like Final Fantasy, or even watch movies like Star Wars, you are told before you even lay your eyes on the screen that everything about it is a lie. Then later that week, you might go to church and here stories about God that seem no more far fetched than the game you were playing. People have begun to realize the fine line between fiction and religion. What makes Harry Potter go in the fiction section of book stores but the Bible in the religion section? 
When taught to identify fiction as such from a very young age, parents are in fact teaching their children how to identify religion as yet another fiction. 

...and that's just another reason video games and movies are so great.

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