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topogigio avatar 3:33 AM on 02.02.2009  (server time)
Mega Man 3

Reading the "Ten things about me" blogs and post on trading games has led me to finally register under a
username. I have read destructoid for about a year now. I love reading the posts and the perspective that
other sites (its starts with a "k" ) usually leave out. Anyways... I thought I would use this as a space to store
all my video game related memories.

First a brief intro. I am a 27 year old psychology graduate student of Mexican background living in California. I
recently bought an xbox 360 after being married and have been hoarding good games that I will eventually
play. My systems were the following in chronological order (keep in mind that not all are in the order they
were released), Nes, atari, super nintendo, gameboy, sega genesis, playstation, N64, xbox, playstation 2,
gamecube, xbox 360, sega saturn, ... and a few gameboys somewhere in there.


I remember playing Mega Man 3 with my friend. We would save up money, or beg our moms to give us a few
dollars to rent the game every weekend. We would then play through the game taking turns by lives. I
remember killing one of the bosses (I think it was the last boss) with top man's power. My friend and I then
argued about who had actually figured out how to use top man's power. Even after beating the game we
found out about the trick where you could hold a certain combination of buttons on the second controller to
make Mega Man immune to deaths from falling in pits. The rental store guy eventually asked us, "Why don't
you guys just save the money and buy the game instead of renting it every weekend?" But why would we
wait? We couldn't wait.

I also have a lot of random memories with this same friend, when I bought Mega Man 4 we fought about
something and he mentioned that I only bought the game because he had told me it was released. Then
when Mega Man X came out he was really happy to rent the game. I think we were in 5th grade at this point.
We also passed a lot of final fantasy 2 (IV) together. Once I scored a copy of Mega Man 1, but we couldn't
make it work. We blew, used alcohol, but nothing worked. We lost touch in junior high but I always remember
those days.

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