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tomr4's blog

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tomr4 avatar 10:59 PM on 03.17.2009  (server time)
the low-down on me...

long time reader, first time poster. been playing RPGs since back in the day. my fav game is xenogears. or castlevania: sotn. currently playing little big planet and killzone 2. looking forward to final fantasy xiii when it finally does come out.

otherwise, I freelance as a filmmaker in nyc, mostly doing work on a webseries for a small boutique production/management company. I also put together reels for some of their clients and promotional things for the company...basically a jack-of-all-video-trades. from hardware to software to digital distribution, I do it all.

outside of actual paid work, I make music and short films and write feature scripts. the music moves between experimental hip-hop under the name "everyone around me is dying," all the way to very experimental black metal under the name "sepsis." just ask if you want to listen to anything. it's good stuff, I promise.

I'm also in preproduction on a short film with my writing partner jacob reynolds, most famous for playing the lead in "gummo," harmony korine's directorial debut after he wrote "kids." we're scheduled to shoot for 4 days in may, all things going according to plan. I also have some rough experimental video projects in the works that may become vodcast material in the near future.

shoot me a message sometime.

it may not always seem like it, but I'm a pretty easy-going guy.



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