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12:31 PM on 03.27.2009

directing a film is stressful work.



maintaining creative control over a large group of people.

and film school didn't really help, since you're in a vacuum and have unfettered access to all the equipment you could ever need, from prep through post. once you get out in the real world, you struggle to find a camera. you struggle to find lights. to find a sound tech. to find an editing set-up. to record adr. everything is a monumental challenge.

especially if you're under constant pressure from yourself to produce fantastic content.

but as long as you can trust the people you're working with and know that they'll do the best job possible, you just have to let it move forward and come to life on its own. and if it does, the content will too.

and that's what I'm searching for.

any other filmmakers out there?

feel free to comment your hearts out.

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