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My favourite game is the ps1 masterpiece Skullmonkeys, no game has come close to approaching it's sheer mastery of interweaving narrative and gameplay.

Fuck Ebert, Parking Frenzy 2 is art.

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Sitting in my bed having recently been fired from my job of an impressive 1 month I've come to seek emotional refuge at good old DTOID, of which i'm a relatively new member, instead of the numerous porn sites I could be at, crushing my self esteem with every tug until culminating in a climax of absolute depression and sobbing into my 'pleasure rag'.

Anyway, Videogames...

I've noticed recently while browsing through my steam library and being met with "32 minutes played" by about half the games that I own that I seem to be giving up on completing games and saying 'I'll get back to it some time' far more frequently than in previous years. Now I could put this down to my maturing into an adult and not having time to dable in these silly pastimes but seeing as though I am currently at '300 hours played' on Fallout 3 with about 15 being in the past week I don't think that's the case. And I wonder why I got fired?

I think the true cause is the ever decreasing amount I'm paying for games.

About 5 years ago I would have pitched the grandest of all trouser tents if I saw killer 7 for 15 in store, but now with the introduction of steam sales, GoG, the App store, PC indie market, the growth of amazon and ebay and second hand high street chains such as the wonderful CeX we have here in England I now consider for about an hour whether to buy Alan Wake for 4. With all these games at your fingertips at such low cost I think the motivation to play the games diminishes. It's not even that I don't enjoy the games. I have absolutely fallen in love with Lone Survivor despite only having played less than an hour of it but having payed around about 75p for it in a steam sale my attitude when I'm bored tilts less towards, "lets play some Lone Survivor" and more "Let's check CeX and see if I can get that copy of Dreamfall for 50p". I find it sad to admit that a lot of games have almost become disposable products to me due to the throwaway prices.

My suspicions were confirmed when I think of all the games I have bought for over 30 recently I have completed or at least sunk 30+ hours into. Games such as Spec Ops:The Line, Dishonoured, Mass Effect 3 and Sleeping dogs (which I don't really like that much anyway). The best analogy I could think of is gaming is like having a bag of sweets, the odd one tossed your way by a friend or bought as a treat is lovely, a minuscule little jellied treat. But when you bring a whole multipack home and start gorging on the first packet you look at the others in distain. The novelty has worn off and they will sit at the back of a cupboard for months. Unless you payed 30 for that bag of sweets in which case you're going to fucking enjoy it.

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