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7:27 AM on 03.01.2013

Used Games, Online Passes, & My Frustration.

I hate economics.

So I had this argument. Being the confrontational person that I am I went on pressuring the other person to make a stronger argument for their statements. Even though we did reach a consensus I still feel as though they didn’t see that what was important in what I was pointing out.

Let’s go back for a moment. So this is specifically about the used video game market and online passes and publisher control over “creativity”. Reading this to myself I feel silly for even getting into an argument about this subject, but that’s what happens at 2 in the morning while playing Mass Effect 3 on xbox live.

For the most part, I made the point that most games aren’t good creatively simply because they are funded by a large publisher, who is more concerned with the profit motive and market instead of making a quality game, but rather that they are great based on the creativity and work of the developers, an example of this is a multitude of indie games that are made with a studio of less than 5 people that are mostly self funded projects. That’s not to say that devs can’t be abusive with the way they use money to create games, but that’s for later when we go into Sega And Gearbox.

Another point is that Most of these large publishers complain about the used game markets and all the losses they have because of second hand sales of they products. I could understand if these arguments came from small devs who can barely fund their own games and can only survive by new sales, but this kind of talk only comes from large publishers. Their solutions come as an always on internet connection, registering your copy to a specific account and not enabling others who bought it used to play without buying a new license, and sometimes an online pass to incentivize a new purchase or force someone who bought the game used to buy an online pass to recuperate some of “profit losses” from the used game.

The part of this I spent the most time discussing was the need for an online pass and the reason consumers buy used games and the effect it has on the publishers. First point was, the publishers needs to survive and the used market is taking money away from them. My answer, Most of those used game were sold new the day it was released and the publisher already made their money on them. Anyway second hand sale didn’t cause them to not survive or go out of business. Most companies that have have shown to be because of bad management, but that’s debatable I guess.

Second point was, If there wasn’t a used game market, the people who would have bought them used would instead buy them new at full price. My answer, Pure BS. The main reason people buy games used is because they usually can’t afford it for multiple reasons and most likely wouldn’t have bought the game anyway so there is no “lost profit” from those people because they wouldn’t have bought it new in the first place.

Third point was, The online pass it put their to supplement the “lost profit” from used game sales and put it towards the cost of maintaining the online aspect of the game and anyone who doesn’t contribute to it shouldn’t have access to that part of the game. My answer, This is the point where it gets heavy. I point out that again that there is no “losses” from used game sales because they would not have otherwise bought them new and the solution doesn’t even cover most of what the game originally cost and is pointless. A comparison, they only make $10 or $15 from that online pass that someone with a used game purchased yet the a full price game is $60? Doesn’t seem to me as those its really fixing the problem of “lost profits” as is not an elegant solution at all.

I go on to point out that the online aspect of the game is included with the budget of every other part of the game and is paid before the game is even launched and is maintained not from the money they receive from sales, but instead from what the original funding was from the publisher’s budget. You can’t honestly say that anyone actually contributes to the cost of maintaining those servers and the bandwidth and expect people to be happy when you block access to them because they didn’t pay for what you expect them to. The money they receive from all the sales go directly to pay back the publishers for what they “already spent” on the game’s budget. Anything else is pure profit and all of these arguments for stopping used games and making everyone have an online pass to play comes simply out of greed and the profit motive of any corporation. They need more money than they already make and I’m personally tired of hearing about it. Although, you know I could understand if these kind of complaints came from a small publisher or developer because even with every sale they make they might not break even, but that’s rare to hear from them.

Either way, going to another point about game creativity. My point is that sometimes publishers only care about what will sell and not as much about the quality. For most that is true, but in Sega’s case I feel like they’ve become better than they were years previously. A example of this, a failed one though, is Aliens: Colonial Marines. A highly anticipated game that they spent a lot of money funding for years. We find out that the developer, Gearbox studios screwed them over by using that money and time to create Borderlands 2 instead and even shifting some of the work to another studio. This shows that sometimes a developer can be abusive and royally screw over just about everyone. I feel like Sega really wanted to make something great, but ended up letting fans down when they shipped something lackluster. And the problem was mostly about money and Gearbox’s priorities. Its so disappointing to see a developer that’s so highly regarded to be so shameful. Makes me glad that I never bothered to play any Borderlands game. Although Anthony Burch was probably the best thing that ever happened to that company. Just Saying.

I hate economics. End of my rant.   read

12:22 AM on 07.08.2010

Mr. Destructoid & Deadmau5 - See the similarities?

Seriously, I'm telling you guys, its the same person, look!!!

Okay it's not really, but imagine if it was... Anywho, let's have a battle.
Mr. destructoid versus Deadmau5.

Fight!!!   read

8:09 PM on 05.24.2010

Dtoid pplz!!! We need donations to public access broadcasts on the site!!!

No, this isn't NPR or PBS, but I say we still need support from the community, all the love from you guys will help get us up in the rating, hopefully getting as much viewers as HAWP. Although I love HAWP we need the destructoid faithful to get on and watch us. Also look through the cracks and you'll find secrets to an upcoming spiderman movie, it'll feature villains like, Venom and Carnage! Yes we here at Dtoid are making big strides in Hollywood... even though some of us are still in Miami.

Gosh, I'm still have this fantastical idea that I can reach lots of ppl by posting here. Maybe some Cblogs are read regularly, but my poor attempt to promote P.A.D. just makes me depressed... where will it lead? Maybe I'm just frustrated because Anthony left and the world will end in 2 more years and only one of those will I legally be able to drink... Although I still don't have the money to buy a good bottle of whiskey...

Anywho, is it me, or is Dtoid trying to hard to be mainstream? What do I mean exactly? Well this whole videos section is so odd to me. I never use it and I barely watch any of them... waiting for the podcast to come back so I can hear the sweet voice of Jim Sterling again... Wow this just became a rant hasn't it? No not yet. Well anyway, I don't want to leak any news on my front other than I'm working on websites now. None of which are up or anywhere close to being finished, but it'll be great. Times are a changin'!

The endless study...


2:37 PM on 02.10.2010

The Mass Effect Revolution

Should I speak of Assassin's Creed 2? Maybe I'll be destroyed for loving the sci-fi part of that game series, but now I don't need to worry, Mass Effect 2 is here and it makes up for anyhting else that came before. It truly is the second coming for the gaming world; the first was Pokemon... heh, jokes... Now to also mention the iPad with Mass Effect I would think is relevant since I predict that EA will get some other developer to make an iphone/ipod touch/iPad version that ties into the Mass Effect mythology.

Now I'm not the uber fan of Mass Effect, I bought the original around the end of '08 start of '09, I really don't remember. I bought it for like $15 used, finally bought the two DLC things and yeah, been having fun with it, gave it a chance, although I was sure it would be a good game since I heard great things about it and I noticed the problems in the combat, but now I've gotten used to it after quite a few hours of experimentation.. yeah it was a slow process for my brain.

Since Mass Effect 2 came out all I've heard is of it's greatness and I'm sure it's all true, but this is the first time I'm righting about a game I haven't played so it's hard to truly say what is great about it without first hand experience. Maybe I should just delete this blog post and think of something else to write, I have no idea, maybe I'll talk about Dishwasher: Dead Samurai when I finish playing (just bought it off XBLA... finally...).   read

1:26 AM on 01.27.2010

New genre in visual art; asynchronous interactive media...

Sure, we have computer art in wikipedia's list of visual arts, but that refers to a wide range of things that can be made with a computer and what kind of art it is seen as. Interactive media is also something that's a bit vague in terms of certain principles and priorities in terms of something like a web site, or general user interfaces, communication networks (not so much, but it's included somewhat as like pop-culture references to like facebook in art), and games.

Specifically I want to discuss games simply because this is destructoid and we gamers are a more important bunch. Anywho, this a topic that is certain brought up a lot in destructoid: questions when we'll reach a golden when games are perceived to be art in their presentation. Also the fear that this type of entertainment will become like what comics are perceived to be by society that has never taken an open mind to go deep within the subculture to see there are truly certain graphic novels that could and sometimes are considered art.

Although some may want games to stay the way they are and never become anything more than they are, I personally and getting tired of them. Every year I buy less games and play the ones I have less and less (I don't like to trade in games, I keep them and replay a lot, too many in my collection...). I'm tired just tired of this generation of trends with almost every consumer product that is released. We're becoming like our parents or grandparents were in the 60s with all those crazy trends that are now somewhat mainstream (I confess, I'm a hippie by heart, but incidentally a pretty boy, its what happens in Miami, the sunlight makes you lazy, but you're forced to look good out of spite). *sigh* I ramble too much.

I've seen so much of it at CES '10 with gadgetry and I definitely expect more of it following later today, the 27th aka, god declared and steve jobs as the second coming, finally. Gosh I've been waiting to confirm this for a long while, now I know it's true. Heh, jokes... So for games, the simple argument is with games like the guitar hero trend (I hate that game...) and the large amount of horrid games for the wii and multiplayer in games that don't need it, *sigh*. Story of my life I suppose. I just really want to ask this gamer community, do we really need all this? Is it really that important to you? I'd rather have more of xenosaga or shadow of the colossus and uhh... oh oh, echochrome!!! Yes; simple, but beautiful. Maybe a bit too simple, so much so that it gets a little tiresome.

Those three games are perfect examples of art in games, or games that are visual art. If you don't agree please comment, and if you have any games to include, please do. Anywho, I just hope that maybe there will be more of a demand for fun and visually inspiring games that can truly seen as art in a gallery being demonstrated on a nice widescreen display on the wall right next to a famous painting... maybe I'm overstepping this, maybe I'm foolish, but I truly believe that if there was a demand for and there were people new to this type of interactive media, they could appreciate it like I do with certain games.

Whatever the future may hold for games as art, I just hope that activision blizzard dies and guitar hero dies with it, bring fcukin' call of duty as well... (I'll instantly dislike anywho who makes the claim that mw2 is a work of art)


4:20 PM on 01.02.2010

Hopefully this post won't break Destructoid...

So I made this post like the night just before Destructoid when faulty, I was like the only person still awake I suppose, no other posts for ours on the Cblogs... Either way, I just feel responsible yet spiteful. I wrote this long post about the games announced at the VGAs (which "I didn't watch, I saw the trailers at none other than gametrailers, a godsend of websites) that I found very interesting, or quite amusing, in my opinion, my favorite post so far, I try to keep a basis for what I write, sometimes drifting off a bit to only give more detail into a certain subject that relates to underlying topic. I also like to at least, somewhat schedule what I may write in advance of a few hours than write in one go, like right now and then just let my inspiration and creativity drive my efforts in writing something that no one will read, but I tried and I liked the end result. Saddens me and frustrates me when things happen and a site croaks for a moment, but when it's revived I wish that everything would be restored, but oh well, my post got deleted. Everything else went back to normal, two podtoids went up for compensation and I listened and let my anger pass. Anger at technology, not at Destructoid. I still love this site even though I'm new to it and I only know about it because of HAWP. Story of my life.... seriously, this should be tagged as a rant, but I put this as About Destructoid, since of course most of the rant is about the site...

READ SCOTT PILGRIM!!! UBISOFT is making a game out of it, woooyeah!!! :D   read

3:04 AM on 11.28.2009

Last Console Generation... No Console For Old Men?

This is what come down, the evolution of the internet has invaded the interactive game space so intrusively that it's gone beyond the emulation of older game systems and loading illegally downloaded ROMs, which I have no say on since I don't have an interest in playing them, although I don't mind the people who do like and play them. The interwebs have gone so far from simply gaming related news and reviews sites like destructoid or gamespot. Then I could go on to speak of the greatness of gametrailers and it's outlet for high quality video in all topics of gaming media. Then it came down to online gaming which started long ago, something that was for PC users that played in the online rpg realm and multiplayer first person shooters, too many examples to comment on, some of which are still around that are still quite popular and have active communities.

Then there were new ventures from certain companies that started what is now a common trend, this is what we see as online console gaming, downloaded update patches, and expansion packs. Things that were already commonplace in PC gaming, but seemed impossible for consoles. So then Sega decided to go crazy and do there most loved console of all time, yet so under appreciated, the Sega Dreamcast. Sure I never used it on dial-up to play any online games, since at that time I was only like 9 or 10 and i didn't know it had those features so I didn't use them, but that doesn't mean that the didn't dreamcast have it. It also was great since it was released so close to my birthday, but that an unimportant point...

So the ideas that were lost with the dreamcast came over to the xbox through Peter Moore, dabate that all you like, but that's all I'm going to say about him. The ideas from Sega came into the conception of the xbox with, xbox live, certain Sega exclusives, and expandable memory with the first home console that I can remember other that had a hard drive, I think the dreamcast used and zip drive or they were going to eventually. I don't remember... When I booted up my xbox I was like, "Hey, I can save my game without a memory card, and if I wanted a backup I could get an xbox memory card (which I never did) that looked just like the VMU from the dreamcast and was used similarly by sliding it into the controller. Also you could download new levels for every Splinter Cell game and just about any game, way before that whole DLC phenomenon that has just recent become the norm for new release titles to extend the life and replay value of games.

Now with games like Halo, Call of Duty, and even Unreal, we have bridged the gap on online fps games that seemed only possible on PCs. Then we are seeing games like Final Fantasy 11 (which was the online game the PS2 can claim that it ever got into the mainstream somewhat) and Phantasy Star Universe that has a large online community and possibly others that I don't care to mention since these games bore me on both the consoles and the PC. There also RTS games like that have come into the console fray, but I can't even really name any, but even those are gaining pace. With all that, we are starting to see cross platforms network services that let you download all the content you would usually buy in the stores on a disc, some of which are still growing and struggling to gain more users, with the case of the PSP Go, its download-only philosophy isn't working so well.

Soon we will see consoles or just simply a multimedia device like the PSP Go that deviates from what usually expect from a console and will probably the only resource for our gaming needs, and eventually we'll have certain companies and services that become so big they will become our only outlet in that market, which may break the industry into many tasty bloody parts or create an ecosystem of many devices that could allow us to play the games we buy on many different platforms that probably won't be on what we consider to be a console today. The end of the console generation in general and the start of an open ended series of devices that play all the games that we enjoy, connect to online multiplayer networks that are maybe even platform independent and soon the difference between portable games, to home consoles, to the PC platform will become so syncretic that there won't be any other version for each platform that you have to buy again.

There may not be any platform in general, whatever you have will just be another device that plays any game, like audio, video, and image players. Wether it's a computer, a console, a phone, or portable media player, it won't matter. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, whoever, won't be making something to compete in terms of hardware since many more companies will be making hardware to play these games that probably will do a better job that for example, Microsoft and their red death ring... These companies will be left to there game studios developing quality titles and making working online networks for their multiplayer functions to creating downloadable content to add to their games coming to a point in which they will never print another plastic game box or burning ever again. Everything will be on so many of these online digital distribution services like Steam, Xbox Live, PSN, Wiiware, and so many more to come that will definitely continue to change how we get and play our games and eventually force the top competitors to stop creating more consoles and migrate to other devices that will support the function of playing any game whatsoever. It will truly be the last console generation, and in turn create the evolution of new multimedia devices that can do anything, including PCs. They will stay forever, just because of there flexibility...

P.S, I had to edit FF11 because originally I said 13. Hehe 13 was running wild in my mind that I didn't remember that 11 was the MMO. Thanks ryderbackside for the notice, it totally slipped my mind.   read

1:06 AM on 11.17.2009


All goes without saying, it's probably the best fighting game after Dead or Alive 4... yeah I like to point out the obvious, but some out there would deny the greatness these two games have deep rotted in it's japanese coding, with just a bit of java... script for flavor. Heh, puns, they make me smile in an odd fashion, excuse my french...

So wether you agree with my statements or, not. I'm just a simple Tekken fanboy ever since Tekken 2 for the PSX and have gotten every game since, even got a strategy guide for Tekken 3... I owned that dual-shock... no one could beat my Eddy back then. It was ridiculous. Although when i go back and play the arcade version of it on the original Tekken 5 disc, I feel like a lost and abused puppy, unsure about how long they'll survive. Then it comes down to how simplistic Tekken 6 has become, sure it has a very technical system, but a more pick up and play feel than older titles. I definitely felt the I mastered every character in only a week at maybe 3 hours a day of play time. Not much at all in comparison to all the hardcore Tekken otakus who I could never match up to, but I disgress... *sigh* always wanted to say that. Makes me sound dignified even though I know that I'm far from it.

Now to just inform anyone who is reading this, my favorite character is Heihachi. Although I could say that I always had a soft spot for Baek, but somehow, I dunno... the thing is, well... it's just that Heihachi is so much better and is just plain amusing... yeah I said it, Heihachi amuses me... okay that didn't sound right, in my head it did, but oh well.

On Hallow's eve I went to a small store called Play N' Trade, they sell and trade games like Gamestop, but they also let you play any game on any system on one of their 50" plasmas at full 1080p for about $4 an hour, but they are nice enough to let you get some free days which was the case for the Halloween event. Almost all day, play free, Street Fighter 4 tournaments, then Tekken 6. met a few people, had good tmes. Community of gamers from Miami at Play N' Trade having a great time. Served free pizza and some fried chicken, yeah you think I'm kidding, but it was awesome and y'all missed, so ha!

The thing is I hadn't bought Tekken 6 until a week later so I went there to try it out. It turned to much more than what I expected, since usually they have smaller parties, this time they also had cheerleaders from the Miami Dolphins and some old player, hell if I remember his name... Got an autograph somewhere... There was tournament prizes and raffles prizes. The big prize was the MW2 360 bundle, the one with the 250Gb hard drive, seriously.... Whoever won that must've wet himself/herself.

So my memory of Tekken 6 is pretty sweet and ever since I got it, it just gets better every time I put it in my 360. It almost seems heretical to say it feels good to play with the 360s controller... maybe even sinful... The 360 wasn't meant to play Tekken yet it pulls it off and performs well. I personally think I play better with the 360 than I ever did with any Playstation console... BLASPHEMY!!! Hehe well okay i take that back, that'll never be true, but what is true is that Tekken 6 remains dear to my little heart.

Mishima Zaibatsuuuuuuuu!!!



12:45 AM on 10.24.2009

My Games Are LONELY!!!

First destructoid blog post... Hmm, well it seems as though all of my gaming systems are gathering dust as I sit next to the, reading gadgetry blogs and listening to HAWPcast and Macbreak Weekly or this WEEK in FUN then going to watch every show on revision3... So as I basically neglect every other part of my life, even the books I rented from the library that I have started, but I somehow find something else to do. Then I grumble when I think about infinitebits and not being able to go since I just have negative 50 cents... right...

So then I wonder what worth living for, but then I look at new games that I've bought and haven't completed. I think to myself, "well I could play those and live a worthwhile, fun, action packed 2 hours of left 4 dead or halo 3 odst. Maybe, if it were only that simple, if only those games were as interesting, enchanting, mesmerizing, as say like shadow of the colossus, the metal gear series, any final fantasy game... but there is a problem with those, you can't just pick up and play, you need to get into the flow, be immersed for quite a few hours to truly enjoy every bit...

Oi, I tend to not be able to choose, just depends on the day or my level or attention for the game I'm playing. Although i have to say the only games that I truly love are the ones I get truly immersed in, that is of course the keep my attention longer than a half hour. This is of course why I love games like assassin's creed, very pickup and play, but also an immersive story, sure repetitive, but if you're creative, loads to do and find. I wish I could give more examples, but the only other game I can think of is the golden sun games for the GBA, from that age old time when we used to play games on screens that weren't back lit... well until the SP came out, which I couldn't be bothered to buy.

In golden sun you could fight in a battle arena and have like 10 quick battles and feel great about yourself. Or go higher and higher in out beating your scores by taking long sessions have over 50 battles fighting old bosses that you've already beaten in the story and destroys them as if they were just an pixel on the screen... Of course you could get into the story, complete some side quest or finish your current mission or just about whatever you want since you could freely explore the world. *sigh* I can't wait for the new DS golden sun. Truly the best RPG/action adventure game ever. The perfect sync of immersion and pickup and play. None of my new games have this, sure they have multiplayer, but you know, sometimes I just want to play with my joystick without others looking at me (yeah, all puns intended). So I'm not sure what to do anymore, I'll just deal with it, maybe one day I'll write a story that someone will enjoy and think, this will be a great game. Then I'll say, I want to do the game design and make my perfect games.

Heh, as if, but I do have great Ideas for many different gaming controls and gameplay options to improve certain genres to make them more accessible. I think the main reason that I don't play as many games as I used to is because games are becoming to simple, and the big story driven immersive games don't have enough gameplay options. One other game to add that I love is the Fable series. Something that incorporates gameplay and story, lets you explore the world and just pickup and play while being immersed into the story if you choose to do that instead of kicking chickens. mwahahaha... *sigh* good times... one day we'll see many new game innovations that give pickup and play controls and an engrossing story that take your mind to another world while not force you to stay there for the rest of eternity just because not everyone has the attention span of a hawk...

So yeah, for now my games are lonely, until I finish my books and finish listening to my podcasts and read my emails...


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