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tijames's blog

7:27 AM on 03.01.2013

Used Games, Online Passes, & My Frustration.

I hate economics. So I had this argument. Being the confrontational person that I am I went on pressuring the other person to make a stronger argument for their statements. Even though we did reach a consensus I still feel a...   read

12:22 AM on 07.08.2010

Mr. Destructoid & Deadmau5 - See the similarities?

Seriously, I'm telling you guys, its the same person, look!!! Okay it's not really, but imagine if it was... Anywho, let's have a battle. Mr. destructoid versus Deadmau5. Fight!!!   read

8:09 PM on 05.24.2010

Dtoid pplz!!! We need donations to public access broadcasts on the site!!!

No, this isn't NPR or PBS, but I say we still need support from the community, all the love from you guys will help get us up in the rating, hopefully getting as much viewers as HAWP. Although I love HAWP we need the destruct...   read

2:37 PM on 02.10.2010

The Mass Effect Revolution

Should I speak of Assassin's Creed 2? Maybe I'll be destroyed for loving the sci-fi part of that game series, but now I don't need to worry, Mass Effect 2 is here and it makes up for anyhting else that came before. It truly i...   read

1:26 AM on 01.27.2010

New genre in visual art; asynchronous interactive media...

Sure, we have computer art in wikipedia's list of visual arts, but that refers to a wide range of things that can be made with a computer and what kind of art it is seen as. Interactive media is also something that's a bit va...   read

4:20 PM on 01.02.2010

Hopefully this post won't break Destructoid...

So I made this post like the night just before Destructoid when faulty, I was like the only person still awake I suppose, no other posts for ours on the Cblogs... Either way, I just feel responsible yet spiteful. I wrote this...   read

3:04 AM on 11.28.2009

Last Console Generation... No Console For Old Men?

This is what come down, the evolution of the internet has invaded the interactive game space so intrusively that it's gone beyond the emulation of older game systems and loading illegally downloaded ROMs, which I have no say ...   read

1:06 AM on 11.17.2009


All goes without saying, it's probably the best fighting game after Dead or Alive 4... yeah I like to point out the obvious, but some out there would deny the greatness these two games have deep rotted in it's japanese coding...   read

12:45 AM on 10.24.2009

My Games Are LONELY!!!

First destructoid blog post... Hmm, well it seems as though all of my gaming systems are gathering dust as I sit next to the, reading gadgetry blogs and listening to HAWPcast and Macbreak Weekly or this WEEK in FUN then going...   read

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