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Following a fusion of pixels, a pinch of digital magic, and a twinkle in her father's eye, .tiff was born. As a wee sprite, she would spend countless hours at the computer training her restless fingers for the golden age of gaming soon to come, avidly defeating hypercard adventure games until she was well prepared for her very first console, the Sega Genesis.

The Genesis was the first of many consoles .tiff grew to love, and soon her button mashing, boss defeating, platform jumping capabilities opened the door to a wide world of gaming that she has yet to abandon. A self-proclaimed interweb n3rd, .tiff is in constant search for the gems of gaming culture both online and in the flesh. She hopes to bring you the best of the bunch, and maybe someday pwn you in a simple game of Bubble Bobble, if you can handle it. She is happily married to Colette Bennett and lives in a cozy cottage next to waterfall, where she keeps her precious materia cool and well hidden.

interests include:games, brains, gold, precious gems, sauce, internets, pixels, vectors, stevens, colette, monkey island, sam & max, the prince of the cosmos, media studies, drawing, sociology, pop culture, public sphere, tank girl, graphic novels, vinyl toys, turntablism, hip hop, duck tales, and pushpaw

3:10 AM on 06.04.2007

Following the front page release of Atheistium's rant about the 'Girl Gamer' (which, by the way Athestium, was teh secks), I had a sudden rush of ambition to bring my own hot-headed, long mulled-over opinions about girl gamers to light. Unfortunately, it's already 4 in the morning on a Monday. While I have little to do tomorrow aside from spending another six solid hours winning gym badges in Pokémon (its a rough life, I know), my early morn brain lacks the capability of forming any well thought out arguments, so I will make this first post about something entirely different.

Using a visual style in tandem to Michel Gondry's music video for The White Stripes, Fujiya & Miyagi's video Ankle Injuries combines moving colored dice for a neo-retro, animated ascii art effect. As one might expect, through-out the video there are a few nods to the most pixel-perfect games of our past.

EDIT: Err. Im using Safari and I can't figure out how to embed the video. Until then, here is where you can take a look at Ankle Injuries