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3:10 AM on 06.04.2007


Following the front page release of Atheistium's rant about the 'Girl Gamer' (which, by the way Athestium, was teh secks), I had a sudden rush of ambition to bring my own hot-headed, long mulled-over opinions about girl gamers to light. Unfortunately, it's already 4 in the morning on a Monday. While I have little to do tomorrow aside from spending another six solid hours winning gym badges in Pokémon (its a rough life, I know), my early morn brain lacks the capability of forming any well thought out arguments, so I will make this first post about something entirely different.

Using a visual style in tandem to Michel Gondry's music video for The White Stripes, Fujiya & Miyagi's video Ankle Injuries combines moving colored dice for a neo-retro, animated ascii art effect. As one might expect, through-out the video there are a few nods to the most pixel-perfect games of our past.

EDIT: Err. Im using Safari and I can't figure out how to embed the video. Until then, here is where you can take a look at Ankle Injuries   read

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