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I enjoy a wide variety of genres, including platformer, point and click, rhythm, first person shooters, and pretty much any game with a good solid story. Or Zombies.
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9:50 PM on 09.04.2009

Its bigger then last year!

The HAWP Panel was cool.
Samit made an akward entrance. He did a lone quiet fist thrust. No one saw but me, and made a walk of shame to his seat. What a jerk.

Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles is looking really good. I'm kind of a RE nerd, so revisiting the locals of the previous games (especially 2!) is awesome. Plus I got a free t-shirt!

The set they built for Bioshock 2 is amazing. I have never seen such a thing at a show like this. The whole "touch stuff and find the clues" is really creative. The game is actually shaping up to be pretty good.

Im still looking for Rev. Anthony so I can get into a deep meaningful exchange about the interactive medium.

The issues with shows like this and going with friends is that you feel bad waiting in huge lines for games they have no interest in if you want to stick together.

The show floor is a sensory over load nightmare. I can only be in there like 30-45 minutes before wanting to curl up and cry.

Im heading back soon for the show/ some late night free play.

See you guys there!

3:17 AM on 08.24.2008

You know when you visit a place of your childhood? A place you haven't seen since your grown up teeth started growing in and loony-toons t-shirts where all the rage?

Video games were a very integral part of my development. It suffices to say (wether this be good or bad) games are a prominent memory for me when I harken back to my younger days.

Whilst I lived in Sweden, my aunt and uncle lived very close to us, so frequent visits took place. Uncle Jocke worked at some PC software warehouse. So He always had a fresh selection of the latest in PC gaming. I swear, if it not for that man, I would never of been as involved with gaming as I am. I remember looking on in awe at games like Earth Worm Jim and OddWorld. But one in particular sucked me in entirely. It was a rather ignored LucasArts title, one that was a turn off to a lot of fans because of its stern and serious atmosphere.

The Dig.

There is a list of games that to my memory have no name. I just remember seeing them and playing them. Its rather unsettling, to want to play this game you haven't touched in years and not know anything about it except maybe a screenshot in your head. But when you do find it, its like coming across fucking Atlantis itself. One of these occurred a few years ago. I had not seen it in years, and finally finding it was look dusting off an ancient childhood book. Let me elaborate...

This was the second to last LucasArts point and click Scumm based game, the last being Money Island 3. And it is even by todays standard a visual masterpiece. This is truly a beautiful game. With hand painted back drops, excellent voice acting (the main character is voiced by ROBERT FUCKING PATRICK), and a soundtrack that completes what is already an outstanding atmosphere, there are no words to express how much I adore this game. Of all my memories, I remember the color palette the best. The cool blues and purples, contrasted by subtle reds and yellows. The only other thing that I remembered was getting a very deep vibe from it. I couldn't put my finger on it, but this game was special too me. And finally playing this again, I remember what it was.

The premise is as follows:

When a meteor is hurdling towards earth, you, commander Boston Low, along with Maggie Robbins and Ludger Brink, are blasted up there to place some charges on it to blast it into a safe orbit. Upon completion of your mission, you explore the astroid to find it to be some alien space craft and are whisked millions of light years from earth to a desolate, empty deserted planet. With no other living beings in sight, you must piece together what took place that eliminated the now missing beings of this planet, as well as finding your own home.

Im not going to spoil it, but things happen. Ludger starts going insane, Maggie starts to seclude herself, and a bunch of other way-too-heavy-to-appreciate-themes-for-my-6-year-old-head present themselves. The story is only so-so unfortunately, but it is easily forgivable with its spot on atmosphere.

The planet is lonely, strange, and unfamiliar, and it wants you to know.

The Dig left a huge impact on me. Being a rather young creatively inclined person, I am just starting to be able to explore what little experiences I have to create off of. And this is where the impact has come in. The Dig was perhaps the most deciding factor in my perception of what is "beautiful". not the visual kind of "thats pretty" beautiful, I mean the "holy shit this is gonna make my cry because I understand it in such resonating way" beautiful.

I find beauty in desolation and struggle. This game created a deep understanding of what it means to be alone, and what it means to be separated from everything you love and hold dear. It created an understanding of what it means to hold onto hope. It created an understanding of what can drive a man to complete homicidal madness. And most important of all, it created an even deeper need to explore these ideas and feelings in a mature and adult like manner.

The atmosphere, while desolate and empty, is almost like a safe haven for me. I can become lost in this beautiful, strange alien world. Whenever I just need to escape I turn up the speakers, blow scummVM to full screen, and just play The Dig. It has saved my sanity numerous times. This IS my child hood; or at least a memorable enough part to be comforting and safe. When I need some time to clear my head, I plant myself back into this lonely alien planet and just take a breather.

The "replay value" is different depending on what you want. In terms of basic story and puzzles, there's not much to replay for. But The beautiful artwork and brilliant musical score more than make up for this. Like I said, no game has ever nailed an atmosphere like this. Ever.

And that is why I shall forever return to this little thought of piece of brilliance.
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For years, we have been buying video games with shitty package design and there has never been a reason to change. We don’t usually buy based on the attractiveness of a package when it comes to gaming. We know what the game is before hand, so for all we care, it could just be a brown box with the title written on it in sharpie. That has caused a huge amount of laziness with game box art. Take for example the US box for Resident Evil 4.

This formula is very common.
-Main character in front
-Enemies/secondary characters in back
-Concept art for backdrop
-HUGE fuckin logo smack dab in the most obvious location (i.e., upper third)

This pattern is used for one reason: its safe. It shows just the right amount of info in the most boring unoriginal way, that you cant miss it. It gives no reflection of the product itself, it just says “hey its resident evil with evil zombies and guns WHOOO!”
95% of game packaging follows this pattern in some way. See for yourself:

But for some reason, Capcom Europe has some balls:

Its simple, its moody, but most of all, it leaves an impact. It uses 2 colors, red and black. But its used in a way to create a tension in the visual shapes. You see the character with a bagged head and a chainsaw standing there in the trees, and you know this game is most certainly NOT for the faint of heart. It doesn’t show any other characters, no concept art, no fancy type effects. Just a few shapes and a logo.

laziness is where the danger resides. As much as the hardcore seems to hate this new casual audience, it is necessary to help keep the hardcore lineup of titles existing. And this audience doesn’t know what’s out there so when they take a trip to the local electronic purveyor, all they are exposed is design. And lemme tell you, even the casual games have shitty boxes.
I applaud Nintendo and the approach they took to the Wii packaging. Rather than smother it in foreign (to them) game characters and bright colors, they focused on the design of the hardware and brought a concept out of that: simple, approachable, clean, and bright. Not only that, but they made the unpackaging an experience. Rather than a cluttered form of cardboard and Styrofoam, the Nintendo designers knew exactly what they were doing in making this as simple of a process and possible. Upon opening the flap for the first time you are greeted with two trays, with icons showing what each tray contains.

In closing, the game development community needs to wake up a bit. While you may not give a damn what’s on the box, I promise you, graphic design DOES matter, and it DOES affect what people want to buy. We cant keep producing good games with shitty boxes for much longer. While there are shining examples, (GTA IV had an excellent use of purposefully mis-kerned Helvetica, a reflection of the generic and commercialized Liberty City) they need to start hiring designers that know what the hell they’re doing not just in the visuals of a package, but the impact of the product as a whole. A box is your first taste of what the whole product is, and smart, clever, intelligent design can make all the difference between an underwhelming experience and a "holy crap this game is gonna kick ass" experience.
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Thanks to the magic of the internet, we can now enjoy a classic the way it was MEANT to be
played god damn it!

I (did not) find a copy online that I (did not) burn and (did not) put into my (not) tape and
tissue modded ps2. So far, it is amazing. Amazing in every sense of the word.


Price: US$ 169.90

All you gotta do is unpack the files on the SD card.

3:11 AM on 03.09.2008

Gamers is a TV show that apparently is in production on a larger scale. This pilot doesn't have the best actors, but the writing is funny and worth a laugh.