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favorite games/series: final fantasy, zone of the enders, kingdom hearts, ratchet and clank, jak and daxter, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Okami, Portal/TF2, LitleBigPlanet, and The Grinch (the best PS1 game ever).
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1:58 PM on 05.22.2009

Hey Dtoid!

So I've completely fallen in love with the Usavich videos that have frequented Topher's READY TO FRIDAY series, and as such have scoured youtube to find more of them that are at a decent quality. I've come across a gem of a collection, and have been watching through the first season online. For those of you that don't know, Usavich is a production by MTV Japan that's about the two bunnies that show in every episode, and the tale of their experience in a soviet prison, their escape, and the weird adventures that lie on season three (which is what topher has been posting videos from so far). I figured I'd like to watch it from the start, and the above clip is the first episode. That user (searchMMO) seems to have a ton of high quality Usavich videos that are synced with the audio, and I've just been going through them having a great time. I think he has the entirety of the first two seasons, and here is a link to a youtube playlist with all of them.

Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I am, and thanks Topher for introducing me to this amazing show!!!

Oh and sorry if somebody already posted something of this sort here. I don't frequent the c-blogs too often so I don't know what has and hasn't been posted.

Holy crap IGN! You guys just blew my mind!! The fact that you guys went ahead and took through the effort of making some quality dubs for this, and that it's actually hilarious (or at least for me it is) makes me gain so much respect for you. I tend to completely ignore the big websites (IGN, GameSpot, etc.), and really the only videogaming website I check on a daily basis now is dtoid, mainly because dtoid has a sense of humor and community that the larger websites can never attain, but if they've changed and this is the sort of stuff that they have now, then I sure am missing out! Of course even if IGN releases videos like this randomly, they can't come close to competing with dtoid, but I still find it pretty awesome. Does anybody who frequents IGN know whether or not stuff like this is regular?

I haven't watched it yet, but I'm just putting it here so as many people watch it before it gets shut down.

EDIT: now that i've watched it, i've gotta say that it looks pretty awesome. it's basically like uncharted 1 just in a city, meaning that it seems like you can climb up a lot more shit than you could in the first game. hopefully it won't be super-linear, and you'll have a lot of room to explore. i feel like that would make or break this game. if it was linear and you didn't have any choices in the paths that you took to get to a new location, that would be a big let-down for me. with that said, it looks awesome, and i really hope that they release some actual footage soon so that we can see it with the proper color/brightness.

EDIT 2: just realized that The Gief beat me to this. sorry about that!

So lately I've began listening to music on my PS3 after I tried streaming files between my computer and my PS3 for the first time. I ended up downloading all my Air and Röyksopp albums onto the console, and listen to them all the time on my PS3 since it has a way better sound card than my computer. Whenever I'm not doing anything else at the same time, I have the Gaia visualizer making the music prettier in the background. I've probably listened to about 2 or 3 hours worth of music at this point while having Gaia playing, and I still can't figure out what it is exactly that is being visualized.

The only thing that I can tell is that whenever there is a lot of bright sunlight - be it due to the sun being behind the earth and the atmosphere being illuminated, or the sun being reflected off of one of the oceans - you can see a curvy and blurry equalizer of sorts on the very edge of the light. Is that the only thing that happens? I feel like something else has to be taking place for it to be called a visualizer. All the rotations and camera movements feel like they fit really well to whatever music i'm playing, but that's probably because it's such an ambiguous and steady change that the human mind can just make it fit whatever song they are listening to.

I've been pondering this for quite a while and haven't been able to figure out an answer. Has anybody on dtoid had better luck figuring out what it reacts to?

11:51 AM on 12.06.2008

Möbius Life from Sami Majadla on Vimeo.

Hey everybody. This is an animation I made for a couple classes I took last year. I figured I'd put it on here and see if you guys liked it. Just in case anybody gets confused, when it looks like it's restarting in the middle of the film, it's the second generation, not the same exact characters. For those curious, I made the animation in flash, drawing everything using a tablet connected to my macbook. the background is one long strip, and the characters are each drawn at 30 FPS. there's about 15000 individual drawings in the animation. hope you all enjoy it!

So having a PS3, I decided to look around the video service when I heard about it over E3. It looked pretty good, but unfortunately, the prices are simply too high for me. I don't really watch movies that often (the only 3 I've seen so far this year are The Atonement, Kung Fu Panda, and Wall-E , all of which were amazing in their own ways), so I don't need to get a service like netflix to satisfy my non-existent needs. However, after seeing the trailer for the onion movie above, it became the sole movie that I want to see right now. I didn't feel like watching a low quality boot legged version, so when I saw it on sony's video service, I decided that whenever I had some friends over with the same sense of humor as me, I would rent the movie and watch it.

(if i had "hit the jump" powers, i would say "hit the jump" to read about my opinions on the PS3 video service and The Onion Movie here).

So the service itself runs pretty well. It's sleek and the organization fits my needs. The only qualm I really have about it is that it just downloads a movie file, and there aren't any chapters that you can skip around within it. When my friend accidentally sat on the controller about 2/3rds of the way through the movie, it restarted the whole thing and we had to fast forward to get back to where we were. luckily the PS3 can fast-forward at 120x, but still, it is annoying to find that specific spot you were at.

The Onion Movie itself was hilarious, and I would highly recommend it to all dtoid leaders (unless you are gay, black, fat, arab, religious, asian, a stoner, britney spears, etc. AND are very easily offended). The following is one of the clips from the movie (update: NSFW!!!)

The movie is made up of all sorts of fake news (like the above one) that seem to be random at first, but at the end end up get tied together in a witty unexpected way. The above video is an example of one of the funnier moments, though there are definitely some that made me laugh longer. Also, I watched this movie for the first time under the influence of certain substances, and it was definitely MUCH MUCH funnier than it was without them, but it was hilarious either way.

update - added a NSFW tag before the clip from the onion movie...