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Ubisoft Rant. Other.

I watched the Ubisoft Press Conference tonight on G4, and I couldn't have been more bored in my entire life. The first hour of the agony was a bunch of crap like Shawn White, soccer, and a half-hour of speeches about how Ubis...


Saturday Was The Greatest! (NVGR)

In my last blog post, I mentioned that I was going to see the Smashing Pumpkins on Saturday. Well, I went and it was freaking amazing! The Smashing Pumpkins ******* ROCKED!!!! This show had to be the loudest concert I've eve...


Of Bioshock, Eternal Sonata, More...

It's been a little while, so this post will be a mash-up of random stuff... Of Bioshock Sure it's a year late, but this game was great! I want to say right now that had I made it to Andrew Ryan the first two times I had st...


Prettiest Girl in a Video Game Ever (IMO)

Not to live up to my reputation (in various forums online), but this has got to be the prettiest girl I have ever seen in a video game. I know, I know! She's not real, so there's no need to say it. Seriously though, this red-haired girl has now taken the crown from Talim (from the SC series) in my opinion, but that's fine. Talim has had a good run and it had to end sometime.


How Many Times Have You Said…?

How many times have you said to yourself, “I’d like to play that game, but I think I’ll wait until it’s cheaper”? I’d bet that many of you say that quite often (given that I see that comment on various gaming foru...


Operation Darkness: Initial Thoughts

So I quit playing ToS, because I found it to be boring as all heck, and instead I've picked up my Xbox controller to give Operation Darkness a try. To give my initial thoughts on the game, I think it would be easier to create...


Mega Man Marathon

Hey Dtoiders! This is just a reminder that the Mega Man Marathon is going on right now. Check it out and show your support for these guys and for Child's Play (which is a great charity I am sure many of you are familiar with already). http://www.megamanathon.com/ http://www.childsplaycharity.org/


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