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11:59 AM on 08.19.2010

Kane and Lynch 2: mixed feelings

Playing the first Kane and Lynch was like dating the awkward girl in high school that was smart and had a great personality when you got to know her better.Playing the sequel is like dating the older hotter more popular sister but with half of the personality and charm. KAL 2 improves the gameplay alot from the first game. Aiming and shooting feels much more responsive and accurate so does snapping to cover and taking down opposition. When you start taking damage you fall to the floor either making it easier to take your enemies by surprise or making you a sitting bleeding duck. There are no grenades this time only uncharted style propane tanks and extinguishers that you can throw and detonate with ease. If your able to get in close to someone without getting your face blown off you can use them as a shield push them into other enemies or execute them.Once a room is clear of goons just press Dpad down and easily locate all the weapons on the floor I wish more games did this. Sometimes its just too hard to see exactly what is what this function makes it easier to get what you want and move on.
Online is pretty much more of the same affair as in the previous game and its good and bad for the same reasons as before. Fragile Alliance has 7 thieves tasked with retrieving bags of money and safely getting to the getaway vehicle. All 7 wont make it though as they will assuredly turn on eachother to come out with the most loot.If someone turns snake they will be labeled traitor and marked for death many times the match come down to two or three players and just when you think your going to get out with your money BLAM!! a bullet in the back.You can come back as a cop and try to get revenge but most of the time you wont and even if you do get some money you only get a fraction of what you would have gotten on the rotten side. It can get frustrating really quickly also other players may set up alliances with eachother to roll on the other players. Ive seen players make sure that one person in their alliance escapes with all the money and then switch rinse and repeat.
To attempt to combat this the game keeps track of your actions and gives you an online rank so if your consistently traitorous or just kill without cause you may be black balled by your gaming peers. For those either afraid of their online community or no interest in online play there is FA arcade mode which replaces the strangers on LIVE/PSN with equally tenacious AI. It can get really challenging in the higher levels and if you are too slow or come up short with cash the rest of your mates will probably kill you as your heading for the escape vehicle.There is also a Cops and Robbers mode which is pretty much a team death match except the coppers can respawn and the criminals cant.
So with all these good things to say you might wonder John why the mixed feelings? Well let me explain, even though IO improved the gameplay mechanics ten fold in doing this they stripped the game of its own uniqueness you wont find any roof rappeling segments here.

Everything that didnt work that well the first time around with the exception of gunplay has been left out entirely instead of making the effort to improve. Say goodbye to giving squad commands,oh and trading guns or ammo gone. Now you play primarily as Lynch and Kane is merely a trigger happy masochist offering no strategy to gun fights other than providing a distraction thus allowing you to flank.

There is nothing really interesting going on with these characters and much of their dynamic seems to be gone with the wind if you cared about them slightly in Dead Men you wont care about them at all in this game.Kane seems to be alot more I dont know,normal this time around and to me that equates to boring.Lets compare and contrast I mean its like he just stepped out of his cubicle and went on a rampage and Lynch seems like he got his disorder under control for the most part and he comes across a little less erratic this time around and thats one of the things that was appealing to me in Dead Men.

Having played this sequel I can honestly say that I would have preferred to have a revamped version of the first game with all the mechanics refined.It made a better game overall Dog Days simply is a better shooter. The only problem is there are better shooters currently on the market for XBOX and PS3 as well as PC that better justify the hefty price tag. I feel like something was lost in transition to this sequel and thats a real shame because all thats left is a bare bones shooter but all in all its still better than a certain other co op shooter set in Shanghai.   read

2:44 AM on 07.11.2010

Kane and Lynch 2 will it succeed where the first game failed?

I loved the first games concept the story reminded me of a good crime drama like Heat or Reservoir Dogs high tension and frail alliances but all that good stuff went out the door when I started to play the game. No lie I felt like I was playing Hitman but with a higher emphasis on shooting and we all know that agent 47 is nasty with the hard ballers but a TPS that game is not.

Personally aiming felt bad shooting felt worse and the cover system felt badly implemented I felt the only saving grace was the atmosphere. It was one of those games that I really wanted to like but just couldnt bring my self to do so like dating a fugly girl with a great personality. Im glad to hear gameplay seems to be improved over its predecessor I wont really know until I get my hands on it. I like the reality tv esque presentation and trailers for the new campaign and other modes have been building my excitement fragile alliance has a fast paced arcade mode this time around as well as improved AI so I really hope IO and Squenix get it right this time.   read

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