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1:33 PM on 06.30.2012

The last game I ever played

It was somewhere around midnight, I certainly wasn't keeping track of the time. It didn't matter.

I eyed my gaming shelf- a cacophany of titles for many system that I was so proud to accumulate over the years. All that money I spent, I thought to myself. All the work it took to acquire these hundreds of virtual experiences, all the time spent adventuring, killing, leveling up. It certainly gave me pause for a moment, but I had an important task at hand.

Pick out the last game I was ever going to play.

As I poured through the titles, I was reminded of so many different experiences from multiple points in my life. Would I pick a game I had already completed, or a new experience that I knew I would never finish? Would it be a dark, horrific type of game, or a more friendly game, ones I had used in the past to escape my real-life problems and woes? Maybe, an online game, so I wouldn't have to face such a daunting trial on my own?

I eventually settled on a game I had never played before, one that certainly looked unique and looked like it matched my frame of mind - Limbo

As I played, I soaked in the game's incredible atmosphere. I was mesmerized by this world, and the puzzles (which were not hard) I had to solve to progress. Endless amounts of metaphors came to mind, and I felt totally immersed. I continued on for around two hours, when I realized, it was time, and I couldn't play forever.

I walked into my bathroom, still incredibly clean from my manic cleaning spree of earlier that day. For whatever reason, I wanted things to be clean, or at least more in order. I pulled in a chair from the kitchen and stood on it, balancing as I slipped the belt through the strange hook installed by the previous owners.

I wasn't crying, and I haven't since. As far as I was concerned, I was already dead. I slipped the belt around my neck, and dropped myself, kicking away the chair, my only means of escape, or so I thought. I was choking, I was dying, and this is what I wanted.

The ceiling began to crack, and after what felt like a longer time than it was, the hook was ripped from the ceiling, making a gaping hole, and I was on my back on the bathroom floor, alive.

It's been one week, and I still haven't played any games.   read

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