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I've beat Faxanadu in one (long) sitting. I've never played Halo. As a child, I nick named the second gun upgrade in Stinger "Potty Pot Shot" as the bullets are round and reminded me of toilet bowls. I believe in video game violence, a friend knocked me out cold at age 12, we we're practicing our Dragon Punch's. I've rented Brittany's Dance Beat....twice. Zelda 2 is amazing, and so is Simon's Quest.

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I'm not going to review the game, thats been done to death by this point. But I'm sure that everyone grew their own opinion on it at this point an I'd like to hear yours.

I thought it was fun over all. The stylus controls shined during the last battle with the Possessed Limbeck, that was probably my favorite part of the game. A lot of the dungeons were very linear, I almost never found myself lost. The only part of the game I struggled with was the floors of the hourglass dungeon with the 3 gems. And I wasn't pulling my hair out, just messed it up the first try. And seriously, a TIMED dungeon? Aren't timers put in adventure games when they ran out of clever ideas for puzzles?

I wish it had been a bit longer too, and thats coming from a guy who has little time for gaming. So what did everyone think? Did this stack up to you other favorite portable Zelda's?

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