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7:25 PM on 06.15.2008

Move over Dyson....

Goodwill is out, Criag's list in IN!

$40....Thats right....$40!!!!!!!!

Today may be the best day of my life! Some kid had an add that just said " Box of vintage games, $40. I emailed him as soon as I saw it asking what games were in said box. He responded that he didn't have time to look but there were over 30 games and a NES and SNES. I figured that no matter if it were 30 copies of Drakken It'd still be great becasue my SNES shit the bed years age and I've been playing on a FC Twin. I got to his house, forked over the $40 and ran. I drove down the road to my office and started to tear the box apart . When I saw FFIII in nearly shit, when I saw Earthbound I dry fucked a pile of cartridges.

I have alot of NES/SNES doubles that I'd be willing to offer up to Retroforce GO! Contest's. I'll whip up a list of my doubles soon.

Also, hey everyone, I don't blog here much but have been a member for some time.   read

8:52 AM on 05.08.2008

Musictoid.... a good night!(NVGR)

Tonight, in Connecticut, The Protomen and Anamanaguchi are playing. If you know nothing of these bands, as
a video game fan, you owe it to yourself to check them out

The Protomen


The Protomen play operatic rock base on the early Megaman games.....yup! I can't wait to go crazy for these
epic dudes! If anyone would be interested, I'll be taking video and I'll post it if:
A. you want it B. If I'm not to drunk and the video looks like a epileptic shot it.   read

2:36 PM on 11.02.2007

Just finished Phantom Hourglass (spoilers!)

I'm not going to review the game, thats been done to death by this point. But I'm sure that everyone grew their own opinion on it at this point an I'd like to hear yours.

I thought it was fun over all. The stylus controls shined during the last battle with the Possessed Limbeck, that was probably my favorite part of the game. A lot of the dungeons were very linear, I almost never found myself lost. The only part of the game I struggled with was the floors of the hourglass dungeon with the 3 gems. And I wasn't pulling my hair out, just messed it up the first try. And seriously, a TIMED dungeon? Aren't timers put in adventure games when they ran out of clever ideas for puzzles?

I wish it had been a bit longer too, and thats coming from a guy who has little time for gaming. So what did everyone think? Did this stack up to you other favorite portable Zelda's?   read

11:43 AM on 10.25.2007

Today is crap!

My 360 was declined delivery today. I wasn't aware I had to be there to sign for it! I didn't have to be there when the UPS guy left a 42in Plasma screen on my front porch!!! On top of that, I won't be able to pick it up or be at home for delivery till Monday or Tuesday. Cuntery!

Then I get an email saying the King of Fighters X1 got pushed back it mid November! Don't they know I'll be mushroom deep in Super Mario Galaxy and Assassins Creed by then. Not to mention catching up on 360 games I purchased a month ago!

Someone give me some good news before I have to type more exclamation marks.....!   read

8:35 AM on 10.16.2007

Why my girlfriend is AMAZING!

I don't blog that often due to a lack of anything interesting to say
other than your average video game redundancy. But I figured you
guys might like to see this.



I have no idea what that look was about, I was 2 large Sake's and 6 beers deep at this point.

Well yeah, my girlfriend made me one rad ass cake.
I told her next year I expect a life size Megaman cake!   read

12:15 PM on 10.03.2007

Microsoft earns a new fan! (sarcasm)

I never owned a original XBOX due to ExTREME name and lack of games I was interested in. Which lead me to a lack of interest in the XBOX 360 (double ExTREME DooDZ!), but as soon as I learned of Mistwalker making Blue Dragon for the system I knew good things would come! So last xmas my girlfriend got me a 360 with GoW and I was a happy boy! Other than replaying SotN for the millionth time I didn't use it for much, just some real casual gaming. Until Eternal Sonata and Blue Dragon came out I had MAYBE stacked up about 20 hours all together playing 360 console games. I got ES first due to countless reviews telling me how short it was, I figured it'd be a good starter into my new world of 360 RPG's.

We'll about 6 hours into the game my CD drive stops reading disc's entirely. I call the Microsoft "help" line and get what seems to be a woman of unknown nationality doing a Creole accent. WTF? She had me run a quick test to determine that it was in fact busted. We'll its broke and I'm waiting for my shipping box for the UPS man. The thing that bums me out is that It didn't die from overheating, isn't that the common problem? Am I going to get it back in 2 months and get the red rings or do they now replace the heat sinks knowing that they'll break soon anyway?

To soothe my pain I bought MP:C.....Gooooooood Stuff!   read

11:17 AM on 09.25.2007

Importing and how it's escaped me.

After listening to the last episode of Retroforce GO and realizing that I have a machine capable of playing Famicom and Super Famicom games I've decided ist damn time to start playing some fine Japanese games.

I bought a FC TWIN a few months ago due to my re-pined NES breaking and my SNES being broken for a few years, not realizing it had no region locks on it I haven't imported a thing. But after the gracious team at Retroforce GO alerted me to this system capability's it time to hit up some imports!

So here's where the Clogers come in. Tell me whats good! Where is good to buy them (ebay?), and realize that I don't speak a lick of future talk (Japanese). Thanks Robots!   read

11:29 AM on 09.19.2007

R4 for DS

Does anyone use this?

I want to get this primarily for emulating SNES and if you can PSX.
Is this possible? Is it easy to use? Can I have some Pizza rolls?
Please help so I can play Chrono Trigger while taking a dump at work!   read

12:33 PM on 09.05.2007

Where do YOU get your games?

I like to support local business as much as possible, that way all the Wal-Marts of the world will eventually die. Or at least when they're all-controlling I can say "wasn't my fault!". Since I have no local game shop I was wondering if there's a good place to buy online through an independent game store?   read

8:38 AM on 08.29.2007

Androgyny VS. Big Daddy

I got Bioshock and while I think its genius I can't stop playing FFXII. I've been playing the latest instalment of FF since the day it came out and have had my ups and downs with it. Mainly downs. But as I reach the end of it I can't help but having so much fun with all the end game goodness. All the hunts, hidden espers and rare game are so much more fun to play then collecting wooden chips in Arcades. Or running around hollering some dudes name in Bhujerba (sp?).

I just reached this part in FFXII about the same time as I got Bioshock. I'm not a big FPS fan but obviously this game tears down some barriers for FPS's in general, and as soon as I played the demo I knew I must own it! So that being said, I'm getting my ass kicked in Bioshock. Not playing ANY FPS's then jumping in to one can be difficult. I'm only about 3 Big Daddy's into it and I find myself wanting to play FFXII a lot more that this. It makes me feel guilty about droping $49.99 and not playing it.

Does anyone else get these guilty feelings about games? It's not like I'm cheating on my girlfriend but when I see my sweet little Bioshock sitting on the shelf, all alone, it makes me sad.


12:16 PM on 08.22.2007

The Black Hole that is Gamestop.

In my area, albeit a small area. You can't shake your dick (or cunny) with out hitting a Gamestop. The town next to mine, which maybe has a population of 100,000, there are 5. FIVE! I since discovering Goozex (not sex with geese) haven't set foot in one. I try to send my money to more Indy online shops as they have gone the way of the non-partisan news channel.

I though I was content with ordering Bioshock and waiting out the mailing time, but last night when I go home from work I couldn't take it! My room mates and I recently got a good deal on a 42 inch monolith of a television and some high def. speakers. So the pain of only playing FFXII on this thing was killing me. I hear Circuit City had copies for $49.99, but would they have any left? On the way to the ugly red conglomerate I passed one of the Gamestops with had tons of people walking in and out of it. Some happy (reserved) some not so much (didn't give their $5 up last week). I bypassed this dump needless to say.

1.3 miles down the road I walk into Circuit City and ask "Bioshock?". "Yeah, a TON of em". He also states, "people have been frantically running in here looking for it saying its sold out everywhere". I say "It's $10 cheaper here too". We'll I got mine and everyone else drove in between Gamestops looking for what can come so easy.

Why (other that special editions) does any one continue to frequent these dumps? Another small example is last year when Okami and Rocket Slime came out on the same day I walk in to Gamestop (before my angry ban) and ask;

Me; Can I get a copy of Okami?"
Stooge; "Did you reserve it?"
Me; "No"
Stooge; "Well, you're lucky. This is the last unreserved copy!"
Me; "Oh cool, can I also get a copy of Rocket Slime for the DS?"
Stooge; "Did you reserve it?"
Me; "No"
Stooge; "Well, you're VERY lucky! I have one left"
Me; "Am I really supposed to believe this?"
Stooge; Looks away and rings me up ask "I have to ask this.....Do you want to reserve any thing while you're here?"


P.S. I have nothing against you doing your job if you're a Gamestop employee, but don't be SUCH a tool!


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