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thelegendy150 avatar 6:58 PM on 01.10.2013  (server time)
what i`d like to see on the ps vita

i`ve had my vita since the launch date and i`m impressed, i wont bother using my psp ever again because its a bit depressing. the games been released so far are quite amazing and i`m currently busy with black ops declassified and i think its perfect in every way. as you play you`ll notice the maps are shorter and the games lacks as many maps the console versions of black ops posses. and the story is quite short but worth the effort. the weapon classes are just as good but with less customization. online play is just a fun as the console versions and i was glad to see they featured nuke town even though its only half the size of the one in black ops 2 but in a way its really convenient. the first thing i would really like to be on the vita is another black ops game with zombies and more maps. everything else on the game is worth every cent and lets not forget this is a handheld console game and there`s always room for improvement. just imagine what activision and hopefully treyarch could do with better versions of call of duty for the vita in a few years. and i really want zombies and cross play features. i`m inlove with back ops declassified.

the second thing i would like to see on the vita is an update for creating folders to keep demos and games.and lets not forget photo/video editing tools and lots of fun apps.

i`m a big naruto fan and am very disappointed/excited to see that the 3ds already has 2 naruto games

and the vita only has cross platform play with the ps3 but no vita game yet. i`m pretty sure if they can make mortal kombat, street fighter x tekken and umvc they can most likely pull of a good naruto game with graphics and gameplay on par with ps3 versions. a bit far fetched but it`ll be a dream come true for such a thing to happen and despite the cost i`ll buy it.

i`m sure many of you will agree on a naruto game being released in 2013 or 2014.

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