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theinbetween avatar 4:37 AM on 08.16.2011  (server time)
pc gaming is dead; go buy an xbox.

pc gaming is for the elite but not necessarily in terms of actual skill, as most of them think they're awesome shit because they spent $3000+ to play the same games we do... the social elite. in all honesty all you can do is really play old obscure pc games like interstate '76 or halloween harry, 'cauz game devs these days launch on multiple platforms and pretty much give you a standard experience throughout. over the years pc gaming has become increasingly... simple, looking moar and moar like console games. console games too have even become simplified to be accessible to the mass... but are we all really that stupid? if games aren't gonna have learnin' curves then why spend when you could just buy console for the same experience and give to africans?


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