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thefil avatar 3:30 PM on 02.02.2009  (server time)
10.5 Things You Didn't Know About thefil

1) I honestly wish I had the time to read all of these. I've done a fairly decent job, reading a few here and there and catching up on all the staff entries. But in the last week I've had all of three hours total of video game time, let alone time to spend reading Dtoid posts. Regardless, it's amazing how interesting the people here are.

2) I regret missing the 80s. Not because of the hard rock or belly-shirts, but because I feel like I missed the advent of the thing I'm most passionate about. Every time I hear people discuss old, old games I feel like it's something I should have been a part of and I routinely go back to try and hit all the topics I missed. Being really young (19) I feel like I don't really have any stories to tell yet, and I can't wait to have a past that I'm proud of.

3) I am totally susceptible to peer pressure. I sound like someone from a bad commercial when I say this, but when I see someone I admire doing something it instantly becomes cooler in my mind. I have a bad habit of trying to make myself an amalgamation of everything I admire.

4) I believe in self-help. For the last three years (wow, it's been that long!?) I've kept an often-modified text document detailing my rules to live by. I keep to these and they keep me inspired, productive and happy.

5) I am a bleeding heart liberal to the point of blindness. My core belief is that all people are born equal regardless of the fact that reality doesn't play by those rules.

6) I don't want to be a games journalist. I post a lot of top lists, reviews and editorials on this blog, but despite all of that I have no interest in writing about video games for a living. Electronic gaming is my passion, but I think I'd like to approach it from a different side than analysis...

7)I have written a fifty thousand words of a novel. I don't plan on ever finishing. There was a time when English was my passion and I still have stories to tell; I'm just not cut out for expressing those ideas through literature.

8)I have "made" four video games across various platforms. Actually, I coded the engines for four games on top of some heavily existing material. I never got around to finishing the content for any of these projects, but I'm very proud of some of the systems programming I've done.

9)I used to be a weeaboo. Those were dark times. I still have an interest in Japan, but now I believe it to be far more well-rounded and informed.

10)I have quit scouts, piano, Japanese and martial arts. In the last year I've resumed my piano and Japanese studies on my own time and have taken up fencing. It's amazing how much more you appreciate the kind of experience that comes from sticking with something after you've already messed it up. ;)

11)There are pictures of me on the internet dressed up as-

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