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My Unique Snowflake Game of the Year Awards

Let's be honest: most of us place a lot of stock in game of the year awards. We all have our favourites, and in good years, like this one, it's tough to narrow it down to those few games. Which is why instead of just doing a ...


Nothing is Sacred

For this month's monthly musing, I decided to compare Halo, Gears of War, Killzone 2 and the Legend of Zelda and come to an ultimate conclusion about the nature of things. These games are so strictly defined by their... Okay...


Three Reasons you NEED to be Carrying a PSP

Back in the PS1/early PS2 eras, I was an unabashed Sony fan. I was a product of the "can-only-afford-one" mentality of superiority; a raging fanboy with little care for the logistics. Later on, I bought my DS before my PSP an...


Stepping Off the Go Train

My relationship with the PSP Go has been a tumultuous one. Since it's announcement, I have gone through several phases: 1. That thing is ugly as sin 2. That thing looks sex 3. I love digital downloads 4. I'm worried about ho...


PSP Go or No

While we all have a different opinion on Sony's forthcoming PSP Go, we can all agree on one thing: this is a great year for the PSP. Here's a short list of some of great-looking games on PSP and PSN in 2009: * Disgaea 2 * Li...


News!? TF2 Getting Classless Update

The next in the line of updates for TF2 has been revealed, and it's not what I'd think anyone would expect. Soldiers, engineers and demomen will have to wait for their upgrades as the next update shall heretofore be known as:...


The Games We Enjoy and the Games We Destroy

There are no pictures in this blog. Honestly, I like writing them but I hate searching for images to put in and caption and whatever. I won't be offended if you don't like reading a wall of text. Kind of a serious title for ...


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