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1:15 PM on 11.11.2007

Get your Plushie Companion Cube

The world has been swept up in the game Portal, as have I. Now Valve has decided to cash in on their cube of joy. I personally think some of the fan made stuff is much better. But, if you are interested in giving Valve some more money, or want fuzzy "companion" dice for the car, you will have your chance.

Enjoi!   read

4:48 PM on 11.08.2007

Halo 3 Marriage Proposal?! WTF Mate!

Well I guess this was bound to happen. It's been done in WoW and I am sure other games. But here is the Halo version of marriage. I have copied to full article below.

On November 3, 2007 Moviesign made a Forge map in HaloŽ 3, and set up what his girlfriend of over two years (furtive penguin) thought was going to be a two-on-two match with his friends. They started the game and Moviesign led furtive penguin to a spot where he claimed he'd put an energy sword.

Instead there was a nice top-down view where he had spelled out a proposal in weapons. He then asked her to be his teammate for life.

She said yes.

Furtive penguin and Moviesign recently moved from Indianapolis to Chicago where she (penguin) is a copyeditor and he (Movie) is a graphic designer. They haven't set a wedding date yet. As furtive penguin said, "We're waiting to see what the release date is for the next Halo game. We don't want any conflicts."

Congratulations to furtive penguin and Moviesign from the entire Xbox community!

Let the collective "AWWWWW!" begin...   read

4:11 PM on 11.08.2007

Jack Thompson Music Video Parody!!! L@@K


What a great vid! I swear, those guys at Sarcastic Gamer are f'in awesome!

Another tasty treat bought to by the dude.

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7:03 PM on 11.07.2007

Rock Band...Band VH1 Mockumentary!!!!


This is just great, and quite hilarious. Found it on the Official Rock Band Site. Check out the site as well.

"I don't need a trust fund, I have a trust fund" classic!

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3:24 PM on 11.06.2007

Turok Demo and Schwag. You decide...

When i dropped by Game Stop to pick of COD4 yesterday the manager gave me this handy little box that included the Turok Demo and a free tee. So today after playing of COD4 online i decide to pop the disc in and check it out.

Well..... voice acting was horrible. It puts you into these 3rd person views while climbing, which is(was) pretty common in gaming but for some reason it just pissed me off. And while walking and jumping i felt like my character weighed 1,500 lbs.

Now after all that griping there were some things that i liked. It has a nice flashback scene were Turok was being trained and was slashed by his superior. This is how they introduce you to the knife and the 3rd person stealth kills. But, that just wasn't enough to get me excited about the game. I never played the Turok for xbox but i played the N64 version and it wasn't bad. Maybe they can polish this thing up before release date. Demo or not, it just wasn't interesting. Unless of course, you cream everytime you watch Jurassic Park.

also, cocks

thoughts? anyone like Turok and can persuade me? anyone care?   read

10:02 AM on 11.06.2007

COD4 Beaten! Reviewed *SPOILERS*

I was planning on writing up something last night, but it was way too late and I was way too tired. This entire post will be lots of rambling but i will try and warn of spoilers.

So I picked up the game yesterday afternoon and basically played it straight though. I played on "Hardened" which took me about 8-9 hours. It was a solid difficulty setting and I suggest it for anyone with FPS experience. Now for the review.

BUY THIS GAME!!!...GO NOW, then come back and read the review

OK, now that is out of the way.

The game looks amazing, plays amazing, is amazing! *** It starts out beautifully on a boat,*** kind of like MGS 2 or 3 (can't remember which one). The first level completely sucks you in, and as you can see I couldn't put down the controller until the story was over.

The graphics look outstanding, the physics are amazing, and the AI is absolutely insane. If you aren't quick to rush into battle, you might not receive a kill for the first couple of levels. You team mates are excellent. These are definitely not Haloz marines. However, the enemy can be quite frustrating, as they too like to flank and sneak behind you for the easy kill.

***My favorite level in the game and possibly in any FPS ever was "All Ghillied Up" where they flashback to your captain 15 years earlier in a mission at Chernobyl.*** This is possibly the best stealth mission ever and if Splinter Cell was this intense i might have played more of them. ***It has everything you could want, from stealth and sneaking, to sniping and an all out battle nearing the end.*** Its f'in great.

Another great thing from the game, ***Once you complete the missions and finish the credits there is an extra mission. Seems like a "thank you" to our Marines and is probably dedicated to someone in specific. But the level is very fun.***

Also after beating the game you unlock Arcade Mode (basically Haloz Meta game) as well as some nice cheats.

Well that is about it for my review, I would go into more detail but now that i am awake it is time to start the multi-player and unlock the create a class.   read

12:00 PM on 11.01.2007

Rockband co-op is offline only!!!

This might be old news but...

After seeing this at shacknews, i almost went and purchased GH3. But who am I kidding, after the post today, ME WANT BOOMERANGS!!

The mode is called Rock Band World Tour and the thought was that you could hop online with 3 friends and everyone pick a part in your band as you cruise through the game. Not so, you must crowd 3 friends into your small apartment (aka: mom's basement) or dorm room in order to fulfill this fantasy. Now of course you can play online, but not in the "story" mode.

Reason: "not enough time"

Damn you time, why must you always get in the way of my dreams.   read

3:55 PM on 10.31.2007

Worst player in a Sports Game EVER!

Ok, i found this while searching around the web and just thought it was too funny not to post. Not sure how many of you dtoiders even play sports game but I have played my fair share and this comes from probably the best one ever. NHL '93 as seen in Swingers.

Shawn Chambers is the player and he received an overall rating of 1 in this game. Since then EA has decided no player is ever worse than a rating of 40-50 so this guy will be forever famed as the worst player in a sports game...period.

That's just awful, a 1. Way to go Shawn!

To be fair, he ended up having a good career in the NHL.   read

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